Pennsylvania preserves 2,000 acres of farmland

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board has safeguarded 2,064 additional acres on 22 farms in 17 counties, including Blair and Centre, through the state’s farmland preservation program.

Local farms include the 110.15-acre John B. and Karen K. Morrow farm No. 2, a crop farm in Blair County, and 139.21-acre John I. and John R. Deibler farm No. 1, a crop and livestock operation in Centre County.

Since the program began in 1988, state, county and local governments have invested nearly $1.2 billion to preserve 470,155 acres on 4,364 farms in 57 counties for future agricultural production.

“Through this program, we’re not just preserving farmland but a way of life and a major economic driver for the state,” Agriculture Secretary George Greig said in a statement.