Delany should practice what he preaches

In the Friday, Aug. 23 Altoona Mirror, an article told how Big Ten football players received a message, straight from the top, about how they should carry themselves as college athletes.

In summarizing his talk with the athletes, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany told them to “think before you act.”

Too bad that, as the guy at the top, that the Big Ten commissioner wasn’t smart enough to heed his own advice when he made a hasty decision to remove Joe Paterno’s name from the Big Ten championship trophy last year.

Perhaps he might be better served by starting to hone his engraving skills and be required to engrave JoePa’s name back on that trophy when the Paterno family suit against the NCAA prevails and they have to restore Paterno’s records.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Save Keith complex

The story about the undefeated Altoona High football team of 1962 is a proud story of the athletes – male and female – who made their mark in the sports history of Altoona.

Now is the time to preserve the last vestige of their athletic abilities and turn Keith Athletic Complex into a park and recreation area.

Roosevelt and Cricket Field are only memories that will die out in time, but to keep Keith will keep the memories alive forever.

Joe Wiedemer