‘Howling noises’ disrupt Pirates games

I have been a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates all my life, but I’ve lived away for 50 years.

I moved back to the area in 2016 and was excited about watching Pirates games.

Usually at the end of the games, some people in the stands start what sounds like howling noises.

It is quite distracting when watching a game, especially when I have surround sound on.

This happens in almost every game, and it gets to the point that I have to turn the sound down.

I have spoken to a few other people who also have to do the same thing. I don’t know if there is something the Pirate organization can to stop it, but the people who do this should be more considerate so others can enjoy the games, too.

Burton J. Hollen


PSU poised for big season

With the turmoil in Columbus, I think the young talent will elevate this Penn State team like the freshman did in 2005.

The defense will thrive on consistent pressure and will round into form by the time Ohio State comes around, and I think true freshman linebacker Micah Parsons will be a major headache for opposing coaches from the outset.

I also think Kevin Givens of Altoona will be the most unsung player in the Big Ten this year.

Trace McSorley steadies this team, as always, and the offense doesn’t look like one that lost perhaps the most complete player in program history as it returns a ton of talent at the skill positions.

James Franklin shows why he is worth every penny as the fruits of his big-time recruiting classes start to bear, and this team finally gets to 12 (or more) wins with McSorley getting an invite to New York that Saquon Barkley should have received.

If the OSU situation is resolved and Urban Meyer is gone, the Michigan game becomes the biggest impediment to another Big Ten championship game visit.

The Wolverines’ defense could be one of the best in recent memory and possibly keep Penn State out of the College Football Playoff and Big Ten title game with only one loss.

However, it would be an odd site to see a season of turmoil from OSU lead to two Big Ten teams in the College Football Playoff.

Tim Muri Jr.