Sunday Sports Mailbag

Curve’s home run derby becomes a big hit

I’m writing to publicly acknowledge Derek Martin and the Altoona Curve for including the players of Team Shag on the field during the recent home run derby with Jose Canseco.

The entire experience, from playing baseball on a professional field to hearing the cheers from thousands of fans when making a catch, was incredible and something that the team members will never forget.

Seeing teenage boys toss baseballs that they had caught during the derby into the stands to little kids was truly heartwarming and is a testament to their character.

I wish that more professional players would share that same joy for baseball.

And for the crown jewel of the event, one of the Shag players robbed a home run by reaching far over the fence. For the baseball historians, has that ever happened before in a home run derby?

Again, credit to the Curve for an incredible experience.

Tony Miller