Whistle-happy officials can spoil game

Sunday Sports Mailbag

I want to offer my opinion without causing any grief for fully committed, hard working basketball officials.

I have lived a very long basketball life and have seen it all so to speak. But I have absolutely no time for any group of PIAA officials who unknowingly take the game away from the players who have worked so hard all season long only to lose any hope of moving on to the PIAA playoffs.

My opinion is that no calls be made unless for flagrant fouls and especially during the last minute of the game. Let the players be free to play their game in that last minute the way their coaches have spent many hours teaching them.

Recently I witnessed a very intense game that actually was stolen from the players due to many fouls by what seemed to be whistle-happy officials who had to converse at least three times at center court before agreeing on a call.

I am all for the players and coaches. This kind of officiating has no place in our high school sports world.

I am glad to see the officials have improved to help eliminate concussions. Basketball has never been a wrestling match on the hardwood.

Perry Haupt


Enjoys Lane’s coverage

I am writing to say how much I enjoy Jim Lane’s articles from spring training in Florida. I have enjoyed them every spring since moving to the Cove.

His style appeals to me in every way. His articles make me feel as though I am in Florida with him and his wife.

From reading his musings from Florida, I find myself reading all the high school game reports that he does throughout the high school sports year.

These game reports put me in the gym or stadium he is reporting from. To me, the teams and scores are secondary to his description of the events themselves.

Byron Ferg, Martinsburg