PSU job would still attract candidates

Cory Giger provided another good commentary in the Sept. 26 Mirror that essentially supports James Franklin as head coach for the Penn State football team through the 2017 season.

With all due respect to Giger, who is much closer to the program than I am, I personally don’t think things are going to get much better, and I don’t think I am alone.

Giger rightly pointed out the current state of the program, but come on, man: How long are the sanctions going to be an excuse for losing?

I thought Franklin had a full compliment of recruits this year so how was he so short of players against Michigan even with the injuries, which is another mystery and question for discussion at another time?

With regards to the current state of the program, Giger wondered who might even be interested in the position.

How about Les Miles, who just got fired at LSU with an outstanding won/loss record and one national championship after playing in two national championship games? I think he’d be interested.

How about Tom Herman at the University of Houston, who is already being mentioned as a replacement for Miles? For those who don’t remember, Herman was the offensive coordinator at Ohio State for four years before taking the Houston job and completely turning that program around. He certainly knows about Big Ten football. I’ll bet he would be interested in the Penn State job.

For those happy with 7-5 seasons and meaningless bowl games, then Franklin is your man.

When they reduce the seating at Beaver Stadium to 100,000 seats and find they can’t even fill that, then Sandy Barbour might have some second thoughts about doing nothing with the head coaching position.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Letter made no sense: Pitt Stadium had to go

I’m responding to the Sept. 4 letter, “Pitt brass selling fool’s gold.”

What is the motive of the Mirror to publish such garbage? To shame Pitt, I presume.

The writer’s major complaint is that they tore down antiquated Pitt Stadium. Well I went to Pitt in the 1980s (graduated in 1990) and the stadium was a museum piece. It had to go.

Where in God’s green earth are they going to build a stadium in Oakland? Not to mention financing one. He complains about resting places of past players. Give me a break. We replace sporting venues as they become obsolete, without regard to the former players “spirits.”

I guess Forbes Field never should have been replaced, either.

I am sane enough to accept the fact that Pitt will most likely never win another championship in my lifetime. The college should provide a decent stadium at a cost affordable to it, and this is what Pitt did by moving to Heinz Field.

As an alumnus of Pitt, I do not appreciate some neurotic alleged former player being given such a forum in the local paper.

Richard Boston, Hollidaysburg