Let Cora success be defined on merit

I read an excellent commentary (“Ready for the show”) in the Aug. 29 Mirror by Cory Giger.

Giger’s point was that Joey Cora, the Altoona Curve manager, is ready and deserving to be a big-league manager next year while pointing out that there are no Latino managers in the major leagues today.

While pretty much agreeing with Giger’s commentary in its entirety, I do have one slightly different take on it.

Cora should get a big-league job he’s interviewed for only if he is the best candidate. Being Latino doesn’t entitle Cora to the job.

This whole entitlement thing has infected every part of our society today like a spreading cancer. Too many people in this country have no desire to work when there are jobs available, but they are the same ones who believe they are entitled to one.

I have no doubt that Giger is right about Cora getting a major-league job based on his baseball experience and credentials to date.

When he does, I hope it’s because he is the most qualified candidate for the job and not because he is Latino.

I’m betting Joey Cora feels the same way.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Pirates got what they paid for

A funny thing happened on the Pirates’ trip to a fourth straight playoff appearance.

Management traded or gave away almost half of their team. Here’s one cheer for cheapness.

I told my wife, who is a fan, how this would end up. So far, I’m dead on.

The Chicago Cubs went after top pitchers, and they got them.

Pitching and good defense always beats good offense.

Did Chicago have a ceiling like Pittsburgh’s?

Rodger Macak


PSU ‘better than this’

Here is my take on the planned Joe Paterno tribute during the Temple game.

Lots of somebodys at PSU do not get it. This isn’t about what he did right or did not do. It’s not about how others allowed Jerry Sandusky to get away with his crimes.

It’s about respect for the victims of this nightmare and the shame and embarrassment we should all feel that our administrators and others were out to lunch for years.

The guy they should honor is Mike McQueary, but he’s become a villain. Counterintuitive.

It’s about why do we need to endlessly resuscitate the legend who was human and did not distinguish himself during this crisis, even if he was not legally culpable.

The ceremony for Paterno will not change anyone’s mind about him. The haters will hate, and now they have more ammunition that this university does not have a clue.

If I were at the game, I’d leave my seat during the ceremony.

Is it necessary for PSU to show the world “We Are Penn State and we don’t give a crap what anyone thinks?”

What I know is: We are better than this.

Larry Eisman