Sunday Sports Mailbag

After reading Neil Rudel’s article (“Griping doesn’t help Penn State,” July 28″), I think he is missing two important points with James Franklin and Sandy Barbour’s comments.

High schoolers are telling Penn State that other Big Ten schools are negatively recruiting against them.

Prospective recruits are saying that with every new Sandusky news story that comes out, rival schools are telling them that the NCAA is going to put more sanctions on the football program. This is the furthest thing from the truth and just a flat-out lie.

By bringing the message to the media, now Penn State has coaches on the record saying they do not recruit negatively against Penn State.

Even when Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio answer questions at Big Ten Media Day and say they do not negative recruit, do you believe that 100 percent?

So even if they were being honest with their comments, now they’re on the record and could never say something negative again to a recruit about Penn State or they would be flat out lying to that player.

What Rudel saw as complaining was Penn State finally fighting back against all of the BS that gets thrown it towards them constantly by low life, scum coaches who only care about winning.

If you were the parent of a possible recruit and heard Meyer and Dantonio say they do not negatively recruit Penn State, but then do the exact same thing they denounced, how much would you trust them?

Jay Harner


Lions’ year to show improvement

I agree with Neil Rudel’s article last week “Griping doesn’t help Penn State.”

James Franklin will learn, and given what he inherited, he needs another year to get things back on track.

I may be wrong, but let’s remember that Bill O’Brien inherited Coach Paterno’s recruits, four of which were offensive linemen now starting in the NFL.

That said, can anyone be truly surprised that our offense was lousy in his first two years? When Franklin arrived, there were converted defensive linemen, walk-ons and only one scholarship offensive tackle on the roster.

With this being the first year that PSU is at the full 85 scholarship level and two years with his young offensive recruits gaining maturity and full physical development, this year has to show marked improvement and the real foundation for next year and beyond.

Tim Muri

Naperville, Ill.

Paterno ‘was blinded’

This is in response to Karen Bond Wilcha’s letter last Sunday (“Don’t shift blame on Paterno”) concerning the Penn State scandal.

No one, in my mind, is “shifting” all the blame to Paterno. Jerry Sandusky is the man who has tarnished PSU’s reputation with his pedophile addiction.

The way I see it, Paterno is also to blame, among others.

Read the Freeh report, as it is not a media-written investigation. Paterno was so blinded with running a football program that he could not be bothered with what was going on under his nose (no pun intended).

I will go to my grave believing Paterno knew about Sandusky but chose to ignore it.

He hoped it would go unnoticed.

Well guess what? It did not, so live with it.

Richard Boston


Mirror underplays British Open

I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the Mirror for burying the results of the most epic Open Championship in recent memory on Page 6 of the July 18 sports section.

I’m certainly glad your reporting staff has its priorities in order. The outcome of the Park Hills Classic, the value-added incremental value of the Curve and the outcome of the Kelley Federation Final certainly takes front page sports news to its highest levels. Well done.

Matt Schraf