Incident puts cloud on Notre Dame

Many fans around here have no time for Notre Dame, and the same is true that the South Benders have no time for the Nittany Lions.

It is nothing new. Simply, we abhor each other like we do with boys from Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State.

And let’s face it: Notre Dame has a model program that very seldom gets into trouble.

But you know the Irish really relished the moment when Penn State was hit with sanctions from that top dude at the NCAA. And then, of course, he – NCAA President Mark Emmert – got hit with egg in his face and knowingly realized he made a big mistake.

He could have wiped out the sanctions with one blow, but his ego got in the way.

Anyway, if readers have read the big story on the six Notre Dame players that got arrested, it is juicy and worth digesting every word of the arrests. Cornerback Devin Butler is alleged to have punched a police officer along with the arrest of five more players for speeding.

An odor of marijuana was and a handgun was found as well.

Now come on, Notre Dame has a clean program, right?

These players will be suspended and some or all could be dismissed from the school. There is also a very good possibility that Butler could receive prison time.

In short, what goes around comes around.

I hope the players at Penn State use this incident to do what is right and keep their noses to playing football and being role models in the community.

Les Hart


Coaching, not line play, was ‘abysmal’

In last Thursday’s Mirror, Cory Giger called the play of Penn State’s offensive line the past two years “abysmal.”

I think the word “abysmal” was too harsh to describe the O-line’s performance of the past two years. However, “abysmal” is the best word to use to:

1. Describe O-line coach Herb Hand’s coaching;

2. Describe offensive coordinator John Donovan’s game plans and play selections;

3. Describe head coach James Franklin’s game strategy and his in-game adjustments.

The above three items are directly responsible for the O-line’s poor performance the past two years.

If Penn State had a full complement of football scholarships the past two years, the season records (7-6) would be the same. Until James Franklin gets a signature win over the elite teams of the Big Ten, I don’t think it will get much better.

Byron Ferg


NFL trying to take Harrison’s dignity

James Harrison has devoted his career to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s time for the Steelers fans to back him since the Pittsburgh organization won’t.

I suggest a protest and calling for Roger Goodell’s resignation.

The NFL is trying to take the man’s dignity from him.

Rodger Macak