Name: Todd Mash

Age: 33

Residence: Altoona

High school: Altoona Area High School

My favorite sport: Baseball

I usually attend games with: My wife and good friends

Favorite high school team: Altoona

Favorite college team: Penn State

Favorite pro team: Atlanta Braves

My favorite sports memory: Tie between winning back-to-back George B. Kelley Federation championships and Sid Bream beating the Pirates after Barry Bonds’ weak throw.

The local athlete I’ve most enjoyed watching while growing up: No one comes to mind

My all-time favorite local coach: All of the Park Furniture coaches

The most famous athlete I ever met: Warren Moon

My most prized autograph or picture is of: Dan Marino

If I have a claim to fame as a fan, it would be: Being a Braves fan my entire life in a city of Pirates fans

If I were the boss of local sports, the one rule I would enforce would be: Coaches must be fully knowledgeable in the sport that they’re acually coaching.

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