Central gave fans memorable year

Typically the coaches and athletes would thank the fans for their support during the course of a season, but I want to flip that a little and thank the Central Dragons for what they have done for the Spring Cove community.

Whether it was on the football field where they won a District 6 championship, on the basketball court where they also advanced to the District 6 championship game or most recently an amazing run on the baseball diamond that wrapped up with a PIAA second-place finish, it was a great year at Central.

In all three instances, the sea of red in the stands grew with each and every game, home or away. A special shoutout goes to Austin Cunningham and Zach Slagenweit as the only senior members of all three of the aforementioned teams.

These two kids along with their wonderful teammates have shown the younger generations following in their footsteps what hard work, dedication and a team-first mentality can bring.

If you thought Dragons only existed in fairy tales, well then you obviously have never been to “the Cove.”

Coaches and players deserve credit for an outstanding year and for allowing the community to rally around them.

Rickey Butler


PSU must keep priorities straight

As an avid college football fan and a firm believer in family and the values that are entailed within a family, I could not be more turned off by new Penn State coach James Franklin.

No matter the actions of any human being, good or bad, karma is bound to catch up with that individual. Doing good things often leads to good things later on in life; the same goes for opting to do bad things.

Karma will definitely be smiling when a major college football coach attempts to use college women to help lure top college talent to their campus, much like Franklin did at his last coaching job at Vanderbilt.

In a world where being a Penn State fan is not treated with the same respect as it was three years ago, it is time to look past what happens between the end zones of a football field and focus on the integrity of the people who we are supposed to look up to with great respect.

The Penn State culture tends to look past people’s flaws and focus on what they did on the field to help the program no matter what the costs were to get to that success.

This is the same culture that praises coaches whose pasts are linked to sexual abuse, such as Joe Paterno and Franklin, yet criticizes the savior of the program when he opts for a better future for him and his family, Bill O’Brien.

It is a lot easier to push one’s problems aside and brush them under the rug, but no matter what, karma will win in the end, and there is no way out from its path, even with a couple of winning seasons and a nice smile.

Eric Vescovi

Lumberton, Texas

Valley View provides public recreation

A letter to last week’s mailbag from Robert Trumpbour incorrectly indicated that the athletic fields at Valley View had been sold, and that these fields are now privately controlled.

On the contrary, Blair County did not sell Valley View Park, and it continues to be managed by Blair County Park and Recreation Advisory Board and the county in the same manner as existed prior to the sale of the Valley View Nursing Home.

The 45-acre parcel inclusive of its hiking trails, ball field, soccer fields, playground equipment, frisbee golf course and pavilions remains available for recreational use by the public.

Blair County Commissioners

Terry Tomassetti

Diane Meling

Ted Beam Jr.