Cem Maier

Name: Cem Maier

Age: 62

Residence: Seminole,?Florida

High school: Altoona, class of 1969

College: Career Academy of Broadcasting

My favorite sport: Major League Baseball

I usually attend games with: Myself

Favorite high school team: Altoona

Favorite college team: Penn?State

Favorite pro team: Tampa Bay Rays

My favorite sports memory: Interviewing my boyhood idol, Roberto Clemente, when I?was 18.

The local athlete I’ve most enjoyed watching while growing up: Billy Moore

My all-time favorite local coach: Art Taneyhill

The most famous athlete I ever met: A tie between Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan

My most prized autograph or picture is of: Roberto Clemente

If I have a claim to fame as a fan, it would be: As a fan, I snuck onto the field at Pitt Stadium and stood on the sidelines for one half of an Altoona High?School football playoff game back in the late 1960s.

If I were the boss of local sports, the one rule I would enforce would be: For Little League, I would hope that the moms and dads in the stands remember that these are boys and girls on the field and that they should show compassion when things do not go right.

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