Sam’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue

Sports have evolved and changed over the years.

There have been new ways of looking at sports and the roles sports play in our society.

One event that recently occurred is Michael Sam, a college football player, announcing that he is gay.

A sport like football is a sport played by men and is seen as a very masculine sport. This is big news because he may soon be the first openly gay player in the NFL. This is a big step forward, and pretty soon sexuality won’t be as big of a deal.

Right now it is seen as a man’s-man game – and to use the word gay in the locker room is still common when describing something wrong.

Sam is proud of who he is. He said, “It shouldn’t matter. If I work hard, if I make plays, that’s all that should matter.”

But he might experience some bullying or hostility from fans.

Sam says that although he is the first football player to come out, he knows that he is definitely not the last, and he expects progress from this point on.

Being gay in society in general is not something seen as normal or something easily accepted. In the world of sports it is seen as even more abnormal because usually heterosexual men do not want to interact with or be touched by a gay man.

Yet, whether we know it or not, there are many gay male athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc., who have not come out the closet yet.

In a utopia world, everyone is treated 100 percent equal, but that is not how it is in our world today.

People are not accepting of other people’s sexuality and will hold someone’s sexuality against them. Who knows how this will affect Sam’s chances in the NFL?

I, for one, hope people look beyond his sexuality and base everything off of the way he plays.

Gwendolyn Seetoo


Jones’ show lacking

I am writing this letter in regard to Steve Jones’ radio show.

This show has been on for over a year now (although it seems like it has been on for decades), and can anyone give me a reason why it’s still on the air?

Is it possible that the Voice of Penn State simply can’t carry a two-hour long sports show?

If you tune into this show, it is approximately two hours (excluding commercials and the same fill-in guests) of two guys talking about sports issues with no callers to break the monotony.

I remind everyone that this is a call-in show. However, no one apparently cares enough to call in. Why are the people of Blair County subjected to this sports show?

I find Steve Jones dull, condescending and monotonous.

Can Forever Broadcasting give us a belated Christmas present and replace this terrible sports talk show?

Shawn Bice