Spartans’ win a Christmas present

I saw last two quarters of Ohio State vs. Michigan State game when it was 17-17.

But my Christmas present arrived and sure it was passed on to most Pennsylvanians, Penn State faithful and fans of other Big Ten schools when the mighty Buckeyes went down to defeat in the Big Ten championship game by a score of 34-24.

The best part was watching Urban Meyer seeing his undefeated team go down to defeat and, with it, Ohio State was bounced out of the BCS title game.

The pain he was feeling was wonderful. This man got exactly what he deserved.

Let him see a few more big-time defeats when it counts most, and maybe he will feign some kind of health problem and take a sabbatical or move on to the NFL, where he will be treated the way he should be.

This man has no friends but only enemies. Congratulations to the Spartans, and down with the Buckeyes in all their programs.

Les Hart


Butler did a good job

I enjoyed Neil Rudel’s column on the changes in the Penn State coaching staff.

I thought John Butler did a fantastic job as defensive coordinator this year.

All the whining I hear and read regarding the lack of defense is unrealistic. In my view, fielding a competitive defensive team was a real challenge this year.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but PSU had only four scholarship players at linebacker. Get real, people.

I think some fans just can’t see the forest because of the trees. The defense played their collective hearts out this season. Has winning become so important in our culture that basic tenets such as giving 100 percent, keeping a positive attitude when games don’t go your way and sportsmanshipdon’t mean as much?

John Butler is a good coach. He’s a players’ coach. We’re lucky to have him.

Lee Grenci

State College