O’Brien oversteps his boundaries

Wow: One year on the job, a nice raise and now Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien seems to be diving headlong into the stuff that I believe he should stay away from.

But it sounds like he’s been drinking the “kool-aid” that Dave Joyner has been serving him.

First of all, I wish he would just be satisfied with being a very well paid football coach at one of the best schools in the nation.

Secondly, if he insists upon being involved further with the NCAA I’m disappointed to think that he would not fully embrace the Paterno family suit.

If he can’t support the Paterno family suit and can’t be happy and appreciative with the deal he currently has at Penn State, I personally hope he is on the same train out of town with Joyner as soon as possible.

This guy has everything a football coach could want for himself and his family so why does he feel compelled to put together his own power point presentation for the Board of Trustees better known these days as mistrusted trustees?

How many more of the originals has to go before the BOT purge is complete?

I was hoping for better from O’Brien.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Fans show priority

I read the July 2 article on “The Pirates surging” up until a player named Russell Martin chipped in with his praise.

The article mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that Martin signed a two-year, $17 million contract to play his boyhood game. It’s unbelievable that Pittsburgh fans, many of them unemployed, are rooting for a multi-millionaire to be successful.

John K. Coyle