NBA should create ‘thug of the year’ award

I can’t believe the arrogance of the NBA.

In an attempt to change their thug image, they have come up with a yearly Maurice Stokes/Jack Twyman Award. From everything I’ve heard, read, or seen on TV, both Stokes and Twyman were exceptional human beings.

Stokes was humble, appreciative and showed tremendous courage in dealing with his situation. Twyman was caring, loyal and generous with nothing personal to gain. They were both true friends.

In the current thug league, where is the NBA going to come up with an exceptional human being with these qualities every year? In the current NBA, the players show a total disrespect for their opponents, often times their teammates, coaches, and certainly the referees.

The only time they outwardly support their teammates is when they are winning.

Any time you see a professional athlete take up a cause, you can bet he either is personally affected by that cause, or is getting paid to do so.

The NBA permitted the league to become a thug league when they let the Detroit Pistons take dirty play to another level during their championship years. Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman, along with the rest of the team, will tell you they are blatantly proud of their thuggery and the results.

My suggestion is the NBA should be truthful, not phony, and be proud of what it has created.

They should now create a “thug of the year” award. They would have numerous candidates. Each would be honored themselves to be a candidate and by their peers for being a candidate.

On the other hand, I believe that candidates for the Stokes/Twyman Award will be ridiculed and sneered at behind their backs by their teammates and peers as weak and soft players.

Al Montanaro


Bucs should dance with this roster

The Pittsburgh Pirates should be very cautious about feeling they have to make a personnel move after the All-Star break as they have done before.

Why not stay with what got you there in the first half, and this year – unless there are major injuries?

I hope they don’t make any moves and stay with what they have and trust what they have in the minors will be good enough if they need a replacement.

It seems that over the past two years they made moves after the All-Star game and then went in the tank after they did.

Gerrit Cole is now there, and Jameson Taillon is doing well with the Curve.

I advise the team to stay the course, finish over .500 and get that monkey off their backs – and October baseball could be a real possibility.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

TV?golf coverage lacking

John Mehno used the words “staging a television production,” when commenting on coverage of a recent Pirates game on Root Sports TV.

What he wrote actually describes televised golf tournaments to a T (or a tee).

As golfers and fans, we are disappointed and sometimes angry when trying to watch golf on TV.

An hour can go by, and we see one golf shot. All the informative comments and repetitive slow motion swings do nothing for us as fans.

Who do we contact to express our frustrations? The sponsors who pay for televising the golf should be able to control what is shown.

I am one teed-off golf fan.

Betty Zook