Sunday Sports Mailbag

I honestly don’t believe Steven Bench’s transfer from Penn State had anything to do with Bill O’Brien not wanting to “invest time in a player he wasn’t sure about,” as Neil Rudel suggested in a column April 24.

When O’Brien was with the Patriots, that was their philosophy, and it’s still the philosophy. Tom Brady never comes out. They’re up 38-10, and he’s still winging it late in the fourth quarter.

How many people can even name the Pats’ backup quarterback? So I don’t think it would have mattered if the backup was Bench, Rob Bolden or a very young Joe Montana.

NCAA President Mark Emmert left Bench with a loophole, and he snatched it. But it doesn’t look to me like Bench is a dogged competitor. Surely he didn’t think PSU would never bring in some competition for him.

Rick Weber, Fort Myers, Fla.

Bench decision was made in 2012

From a coaching standpoint for the 2013 season, not keeping Steven Bench in the mix is probably a good – or at least an honest – assessment.

But it still made no sense not to have played him more last season during the three games that were well in hand. You don’t give up on someone until you have a replacement, and last season there was no other replacement.

Lu Dorfman, Houston

Class move by Astros

Robbie Grossman, who played for the Curve last year before being traded to Houston in the Wandy Rodriguez deal, is really living the Major League dream these past few days.

He was called up last week by the Astros from their Triple-A team to replace injured Justin Maxwell for an afternoon game on Wednesday, April 24 against Seattle.

This was a class move by the Astros, who aren’t much fun to watch these days, because he is from Houston and could have joined the team on the road the next day.

By calling him up when they did, his parents and friends locally got to see his MLB debut. He had two doubles in that debut.

The road trip started the next day began of all places in famed Fenway Park and Grossman started all four games there and was robbed twice of sure doubles on diving catches in left and right.

On Monday, he started at Yankee Stadium and was back in the starting lineup Tuesday against the Yankees.

Bo Porter, the new manager of the Astros, has been quoted as saying that Grossman will get a good audition before Maxwell is able to return and that may be another few weeks.

What a way to start your Major League career.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas