The ‘endless rhythm’ of the sports seasons

The big dance is finally over. After all of the momentum building up to the NCAA?tourney, the finals ended quickly and didn’t leave much impact on most fans.

Call it a coincidence, but when college basketball wrapped up, fans had plenty of options to satisfy their need for entertainment.

The baseball season is still young and exciting as teams try to gain an early foothold in their divisions. Professional basketball is enjoying an entertaining season as the playoffs approach swiftly and on-the-fence teams strain to earn a playoff bid. Even hockey, despite the late start, is attracting its fair share of attention.

In the fall, as baseball season comes to a close, professional and college football will get back under way. After the Super Bowl comes and goes, the attention will transfer back to basketball.

The sports in America are an endless rhythm, never ceasing to draw attention or enthusiasm.

Cole Joseph Crusciel


Big Ten should ax Rutgers

The problem at Rutgers involving the men’s basketball program should have been resolved after the compliance administrator, athletic director and president of the university saw the video of basketball coach Mike Rice in his uncalled for actions.

This is just another case of people in powerful positions protecting the school.

In short, I hope the Rutgers University Board of Trustees now takes action to fire President Robert Barchi.

And I believe the Big Ten should do its investigation of what took place and legally take action to remove Rutgers University from the Big Ten.

If not, it will become an eye sore for Jim Delany and the Big Ten. There is time to take this necessary action. The Big Ten losses nothing by getting rid of Rutgers. This school was only brought into the Big Ten for access to its huge TV market.

Les Hart