Reporter gets Tebow message wrong

My letter is in response to Scott Franco’s reporting of the Tim Tebow visit sponsored by the Penn State Altoona at the Blair County Convention Center on Tuesday, April 16.

As one of the 1,800 patrons in attendance, I believe I speak for everyone in saying that Tebow is a true gentleman and one of the most generous, kindhearted individuals to grace our sports pages in a long time.

With that said, why did Franco choose to neglect to report the obvious theme of Tebow’s message that night?

I do not find fault with what he wrote; rather, I am concerned about what he failed to write.

In his article there is barely a whisper about the many scriptures Tebow quoted.

There is barely a hint of his invitation to join him in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The article blatantly sidesteps the fact that Tebow was not there to “tongue-in-cheek” us with humorous anecdotes from his storied college years or NFL career.

Tebow came to speak because he has a burning love for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and he wants everyone to know that without that relationship we cannot experience the fullness of God’s blessings.

Instead, Franco chose to ask the question, “How many people can kid around at the expense of the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the heart of Steelers country, and get a big laugh out of it?”

That is not the message I heard from Tebow. No, he did not simply “liberally sprinkle with his devout Christian faith.”

He came proclaiming that Jesus is the Lord of his life, and he wishes for all to choose the blessing of his salvation. That’s the message he brought, and that should have been the news.

I appreciated all the quotes included from those in attendance, but those quotes you could pick and choose.

What did Tebow actually say?

I turned to the article to get a report on what Tebow said, not what others thought about it.

Franco reported correctly that Tebow “doesn’t just wear his faith on his sleeve; it’s more like an outfit he displays proudly.”

This is an astute observation, but where is the supporting detail from his talk that night?

Tebow certainly provided some clear-cut examples of this, but Franco chose not to report on any of them.

At least he could have provided the infamous change in eye black Scripture from Philippians 4:13 to John 3:16. Romans 1:16 says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel…”

Are you?

David Schoenberger