Glad O’Brien is staying

The one question I ask myself after all this talk about Bill O’Brien is this: Why would he want to leave?

He has a special-needs son who is getting good medical care in State College. He’s loved by nearly the entire PSU community. He will now get paid the same salary that he would likely make as an NFL coach.

I think he would likely have received a big pay increase (maybe the same that he’s now receiving), even if he never interviewed with the Browns.

We can speculate that O’Brien may want to play on the big stage.

He may want to prove himself as an NFL coach. But we can just as easily speculate that O’Brien wants to achieve adulation similar to Joe Paterno’s (prior to the Sandusky scandal) by staying at PSU and rebuilding a football powerhouse.

I’m happy O’Brien is staying. I hope he continues to stay with PSU in the future.

Like Neil Rudel, I won’t be shocked, although I will be disappointed, if O’Brien decides to leave PSU in a year or two.

I’m hoping that O’Brien doesn’t feel the need to prove anything with the NFL and will be the guy to lead the PSU football program to great success.

Separately, but similarly, I’m also hoping that the governor’s lawsuit results in reduced sanctions for PSU.

Let the guilty be punished (Sandusky), not the innocent (current PSU players).

Tod Jacobs

Reading, Mass.

O’Brien had motive

Coach Bill O’Brien certainly deserves credit for his accomplishments at PSU this year.

Still sainthood, he does not deserve. This interest in interviewing for NFL head coach positions should be proof enough.

I’m not throwing stones.

You can’t blame a person for taking advantage of the market and making all the money they can.

This is what Coach O’Brien has done, good for him.

Let’s just keep his motives for staying in mind and let it go at that.

Stephen Durkee


Paterno spoiled PSU

I think Neil Rudel’s words in the Jan. 5 Mirror may become extremely profound when he wrote that Bill O’Brien’s stock or value “may never be higher” when writing about the Penn State coach’s decision to stay with the Nittany Lions.

I agree with others that his departure would be horrible for the program but the man has to consider everything involved. While the reported financial package at Penn State is significant there aren’t that many like it in college football. And when bad seasons happen the Penn State faithful will be on him just like they were on Paterno to retire.

On the other hand successful NFL coaches routinely get recycled. How long did it take Andy Reid to get another job?

O’Brien has no loyalty to the program or the community, just like others have pointed out. I suspect he is already having some sleepless nights about his decisions, and there will be more when the NFL offers begin round two.

I’ve always contended that Penn State would never realize just how good they’ve had it until Joe Paterno was gone and now they are there.

Just like the Boy Scouts motto: I think the Penn State faithful might want to be prepared to look for another coach despite what has been written to date.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Much to do about nothing

I can’t get over the fuss being made over a statement made by Brent Musburger’s comment on A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend. How absolutely absurd.

So he made a statement about her looks. The girl is drop-dead gorgeous, and he made a comment on it and then ESPN makes a stupid apology – which made them really look even more stupid.

The girl herself wasn’t upset. She said she considered it a compliment. I could understand if he would have made a derogatory statement about her.

I swear people just can’t wait to complain about something no matter how ridiculous and trivial it is. Concentrate on something important and quit complaining about innocent remarks like this.

Rita Luciano