Owens not worth making special rule

PITTSBURGH — Terrell Owens skipped the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony over the weekend.

But here’s an upset: They went ahead with the event anyway.

Owens was pouting because he wasn’t voted in until his third try. A lot of people thinking being selected is an honor, whether it’s on the first ballot or fifth, but Owens obviously disagreed.

So he had his own ceremony at his college alma mater. The other inductees were in Canton for the more traditional path.

It’s been widely reported that the Hall of Fame is considering a rules change that would make attendance mandatory.

Why bother?

Prior to Owens, nobody had their pride wounded enough to skip the ceremony. It’s doubtful — but entirely possible — that someone will feel the same way in the future.

If someone doesn’t show up, they don’t go in the Hall? That’s the only muscle the Hall of Fame has in this since they don’t presently have the power of subpoena.

The first Hall of Fame class was inducted in 1963. Since then, every living honoree has shown up for his enshrinement.

It’s a chance to step into the spotlight again, to thank those who helped along the way and to select a presenter who has a meaningful role in the new Hall of Fame member’s life.

Steelers fans have had some great days in Canton, re-living the old days as members of the Super Bowl teams have been enshrined.

The players seem to enjoy the moment, which is a perfect way to cap a career that’s been characterized by excellence.

If no-showing the event becomes a trend, then maybe there’s need for a policy.

But as it stands now, this is just about Terrell Owens.

It’s not worth making a rule.

Ulterior motive?

There’s a theory that the Pirates acquired pitchers Chris Archer and Keone Kela with the idea it would boost their sagging attendance.

That isn’t likely to happen. Most baseball tickets are sold in the offseason, when people decide if they’re going to commit their money. January is a big month, and that was when Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen were traded.

There was a spike in gate sales Friday for Archer’s debut, but it didn’t last throughout the weekend. Sunday’s attendance was 19,376, which is not good for a game against the Cardinals in the peak of summer.

The Pirates only have 19 home games left, and eight of those are on weeknights. Unless the club goes on some sort of tear, it’s unlikely the attendance will be much more than the advance sale, regardless of the new additions.

Easy answer

Before you even ask, no, the Steelers are not going to sign Dez Bryant.

Say what?

McCutchen said he was surprised to see the Pirates active at the deadline because they didn’t do that when he was with the team.

Oh, those selective memories. Some of the players added in-season during McCutchen’s time here included Marlon Byrd, Justin Morneau, J.A. Happ, Aramis Ramirez, Joakim Soria and Joe Blanton.

A lot of them helped, particularly Byrd and Happ.

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