No reason to skip Super Bowl

PITTSBURGH – You say you’re skipping the game?

That’s been a recurring theme this week. Some avowed Pittsburgh Steelers fans have claimed they’ll pass on watching the Super Bowl because they’re destined to get an unfavorable outcome.

If the San Francisco 49ers win, they’ll claim the Lombardi trophy for the sixth time, matching the Steelers’ total. If the Baltimore Ravens win, it will be just as bad. Because of the AFC North rivalry, most Steelers fans can’t stand to see the Ravens have any success.

That’s all understandable. But skip the game?

Whether you like the teams or the storylines, this looks like it’s going to be a tremendous football game. It’s also the last one of the year. Think hard about that. You won’t see players crashing into each other with something on the line again until September.

If you skip the game, what do you do? The weather forecast is lousy. Do you have a backlog from Netflix? Lord help us all, TV Land is running “Roseanne” episodes opposite the game. That could curdle your nachos.

ESPN is in full surrender mode, running multiple episodes of “World’s Strongest Man.”

Look at it this way: If you’re going to a movie, you should have no problem getting a parking spot and the seat that you want.

Kickoff is at 6:30 or so. That’s too early to go to bed, unless you work a really early shift.

Non-football fans will easily find something to do.

It’s just hard to believe that people who like football will be able to resist a good match-up that’s also the season finale.

Simply the best?

The week also saw Randy Moss proclaim himself the best receiver in NFL history.

He could be, but that’s impossible to know. Different styles of play and ever-changing rules don’t allow for any valid comparisons. How would Moss have done playing under the rules that allowed defensive backs to make downfield contact with receivers? He’s played in the NFL’s most pass-friendly era.

Would he have been as productive with Jack Tatum and George Atkinson hacking at him?

Moss is a talent. But if he’s truly the best, why is he currently with his sixth team?

Wake up call

In about half of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ games, it’s looked like Evgeni Malkin still has all his clocks set to Russian time.


Based on last week’s headlines, the two most disappointed women in America were Dan Marino’s wife and Gomer Pyle’s old girlfriend, Lou Ann Poovey.

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