C-K player recovering from asthma attack

By Michael Boytim


CLAYSBURG – Moments after Claysburg-Kimmel fell to Northern Bedford, 37-0, in a high school football game at Bulldog Stadium Friday night, C-K coach Gabe Walter was discussing his team’s injury situation.

“I’ll have to get the official injury report from our trainer, but I can’t begin to tell you how banged up we are,” Walter said. “Every team deals with this, but I feel like we are …”

Walter trailed off as he noticed Nic Fickes, who according to him was not injured during the game, limping up a hill and being assisted by several players.

Walter briefly began to finish his comment before rushing toward another player, sophomore defensive back RoDale Weyandt.

Just steps away from Walter, Weyandt collapsed and was being helped by several players before Walter came to his side along with other Claysburg coaches.

“[RoDale] had a severe asthma attack,” Walter said. “How scary is something like that? You forget about things that happened during the game and all your thoughts go toward him. We’re praying he’s OK. It went from a football game to managing an acute medical situation.”

After Weyandt was treated for several minutes on the field by Claysburg coaches and trainers, the AMED crew that had been working the game returned, attended to the sophomore, placed him on a stretcher and loaded him into an ambulance.

Following his initial concern and worry for Weyandt, Walter expressed some frustration with the ambulance situation at the game.

“They left and came back,” Walter said regarding the AMED service. “We pay for a dedicated unit. The district pays for a dedicated unit to be here at the start of the game and at the finish of the game. So they left and came back, but we were waiting for them initially, because in the first quarter of the game, they were not here. They’re to be here.”

Walter said Weyandt was transported to the emergency room for precautionary reasons in case his asthma flared up and he had not been given an update on Weyandt’s condition as of 11 p.m. Friday night. Walter believed Weyandt was taken to Nason Hospital, but no update on Weyandt’s condition was provided to the Mirror by the nursing supervisors at Nason Hospital or UMPC Altoona by press time.