Ex-PSU player on list

Former Penn State basketball standout D.J. Newbill is listed as receiving a $2,000 loan from a sports agent in documents obtained by Yahoo! Sports as part of its investigation into potential corruption in college basketball.

Newbill is one of about two dozen current or former college basketball players listed on documents obtained from a sports agency, under the category “loans to players.” That document was dated Dec. 31, 2015.

Nittany Lion basketball coach Patrick Chambers was asked about the situation during a conference call Friday and said, “We take the information very seriously. As of right now, the university needs time to look into that story. Until we know more, I’m not going to comment further on that.”

The information obtained by Yahoo! Sports has not been confirmed. If Newbill did indeed accept a loan, it’s unclear if there was an NCAA violation that occurred, or if Penn State could be subjected to any penalties.

Newbill began his collegiate career at Southern Miss in 2010 before transferring to Penn State and playing his final three seasons there (2012-15).