Franklin will have terrific external options to choose

The Penn State offensive coordinator position has become a sensational, high-demand job. A million-dollar-a-year job. A job that can springboard the right candidate to a major head coaching position in a few years.

All thanks to Joe Moorhead.

Replacing Moorhead will be very, very difficult, and there’s a good chance the next guy will not be as good of a coordinator or playcaller.

Think about it this way: What percentage of offensive coaches in this country do you think could step in and do as well or better than Moorhead did with the Nittany Lions?

If you’re thinking above 10 percent, think again.

It’s probably more like 5 percent.

The odds of a person like that already being on PSU’s staff is incredibly small.

James Franklin will receive interest in this job from all over the country, from outstanding offensive minds, from guys with extensive experience, from former head coaches, from proven playcallers, from elite candidates.

Franklin will have his pick of the litter, because again, this job is now that good.

With all due respect to tight ends coach Ricky Rahne or the other offensive coaches on PSU’s staff, they’re just not ready for this kind of job. Not yet.

That may sound harsh. It might sound like a dig at Rahne.

If you think that, go back and read again what I’ve already written.

The Penn State offensive coordinator job is now a phenomenal job and opportunity, and whoever gets it needs to have a certain background. Neither Rahne nor anyone else on the staff has such a background.

And there’s way too much at stake for Franklin to hire someone who doesn’t have the right background and let him learn on the job.

When Franklin hired Moorhead, Penn State was coming off back-to-back 7-6 seasons, and expectations were still rather tepid. Then we saw what Moorhead’s offense could do, we saw PSU win a Big Ten title, and now Franklin faces a different challenge.

With fan expectations through the roof, Franklin has to get this hire right to keep the train rolling and keep the Lions prominent on the national stage.

If Franklin messes up this hire and the Lions take a step or two back, then it will be his future that would come into question in the next few years. Fairly or not, that’s the pressure that comes with Franklin having already won at a high level.

Franklin really likes Rahne, so he probably will get some consideration. But from this view, Rahne might be best served going somewhere else to become an offensive coordinator where there’s less pressure, then he could be in line to return to PSU in a few years after the next hire leaves.