Meet the PSU staff: defensive coordinator Bob Shoop

Meet the PSU staff: Defensive coordinator coach Bob Shoop

Hometown: Oakmont

Family: wife, Maura; sons, Tyler and Jay

Education: Bachelor’s in economics, Yale

Playing experience: wide receiver, Yale

Coaching experience: 1989: Yale, graduate assistant; 1990: Virginia, graduate assistant; 1991-93: Northeastern, defensive backs; 1994-96: Yale, defensive coordinator; 1997: Villanova, defensive coordinator; 1998: Army, defensive secondary; 1999-2002: Boston College, defensive secondary; 2003-05: Columbia, head coach; 2006: University of Massachusetts, defensive backs; 2007-10: William and Mary, defensive coordinator, secondary; 2011-13: Vanderbilt, defensive coordinator/safeties; 2014: Penn State, defensive coordinator/safeties

Why did you get into coaching?: “In high school I was a three-sport athlete. I really enjoyed football, basketball and baseball. In college I played two sports. I was really passionate about sports. Other than my family, probably the people who had the most impact on me in high school and college were my coaches. That’s what people say initially, that they got into it to impact people. And that’s what I did. But then I really got the bug for it. I really enjoy the strategy of the game. I’m fiercely competitive. I enjoy the opportunity to go out on a Saturday afternoon and compete. It sure beats the heck out of a desk job.”

What is your primary coaching philosophy?: “It’s about relationships. It’s about trust, honesty and respect. I don’t have a whole lot of swag and my wife reminds me that I’m not very funny. But my swag is that I can help take a young man to the next level. I can identify his strengths and reach his fullest potential as a man, as a student, as a player. Those things mean a lot to me. Trust, honesty and respect are words that mean a lot to me. I’ll work my butt off every day to earn the trust, honesty and respect of my players. It won’t necessarily be a buddy-buddy relationship, but it will be a relationship that a player knows when I coach him, I’ve got his back.”

What do you enjoy most about being at Penn State?: “I’m from Pittsburgh, so representing the state university of Pennsylvania is a thrill. The history and tradition of Penn State football is just incredible. I respect and admire the history of the program like you can’t even imagine. I just really want to help do my part to take Penn State football to the next level.”

What is your best memory or story about James Franklin?: “In our first training camp at Vanderbilt – he’s so competitive, one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met – he ran scout-team quarterback against our defense in a two-minute drill. One of our players intercepted a pass and was returning for a touchdown. He was so angry that he beat a block by one of the lineman and went and tackled him himself before he got into the end zone.”

– Compiled by Kristen Nelson