Meet the new psu staff: QB coach ricky rahne

Hometown: Morrison, Colo.

Family: wife, Jennifer; sons, Ryder and Jake

Education: Bachelor’s in industrial and labor relations, Cornell University

Playing experience: three-time team MVP quarterback at Cornell

Coaching experience: 2004: Holy Cross, assistant defensive line; 2005: Cornell, running backs; 2006: Kansas State, offensive graduate assistant; 2007-08: Kansas State, running backs; 2009-10: Kansas State, tight ends; 2011-13: Vanderbilt, quarterbacks; 2014: Penn State, passing game coordinator/quarterbacks

Why did you get into coaching?: “I had a ‘real job’ coming out of college, and I hated it. I was miserable. I just knew I wanted to get back into football. It was the only thing that I liked. I played on three flag football teams during the week, and it was the only time of the week I was really happy. I knew I needed to get back into football. I just love the game so much. I like being around it. I like being around the people.”

What is your primary coaching philosophy?: “Coach the fundamentals and make sure you’re prepared as possible so the kids are as prepared as possible. I also always want to be honest with the kids. If you show them you care, then you can coach them hard. I think that’s the way I was coached in high school and sometimes you don’t always appreciate what’s going on. But later in life you appreciate somebody pushing you to your limits and pushing you to be the best you can be. You realize how much those people care about you later in life.”

What do you like most about being at Penn State?: “I like the passion. I like the passion of the players, the passion of the fans, the passion of the alumni for Penn State football. That’s a great thing to see as a coach when people care about what you’re doing and care about what happens on Saturdays. I honestly can’t imagine the feeling I’ll get when I walk into Beaver Stadium for the first time on an actual game day.”

What is your best memory or story about James Franklin?: “I’ve known James for a long time since I was his graduate assistant at Kansas State. I trust coach Franklin enough that I made him the godfather of my second child. I know that he doesn’t take that duty lightly. The two of us have gone through some battles together so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. I just think it all flows together and paints a picture of him for me. I’m not going to ask just anybody to be the godfather of my children. It’s got to be someone that I trust. My children mean more to me than anyone in the world, so to give him that honor shows what I think about James.”

– Compiled by Kristen Nelson