Transfer tweets an April fools joke

Some Penn State football players took to Twitter to pull an April fool’s day prank late Sunday night, posting comments indicating they would be transferring.

The gag, which actually started around 11 p.m. on March 31 and not April 1, didn’t last long as the players revealed it was a prank after about an hour. But that hour produced a flurry of activity on Twitter and Internet message boards, and it’s probably safe to assume coach Bill O’Brien was not pleased with the joke.

Standout receiver Allen Robinson was the only player who came flat out and said he was leaving PSU on Twitter.

“I love my bros, and we will continue to be like family, I’m sorry I had to do this but I will no longer be attending penn state,” Robinson tweeted.

Backup running back Bill Belton didn’t go as far as Robinson but did hint in some tweets that he would be leaving.

“Picking up and leaving is the toughest thing to do,” he tweeted

Belton also wrote, “Better opportunities for me.”

Belton ended the drama when he tweeted at 12:19 a.m. Monday, “April Fools.”

By that point, a number of Penn State fans already had posted vicious tweets and Internet messages to the players for leaving. Other fans, however, took the joke in stride and posted messages about how funny the prank was.

While it seemed hard to believe Robinson would leave Penn State after setting a school record last year with 77 catches, the fact that Belton was talking about leaving didn’t seem like as big a joke.

Belton fell out of favor and lost playing time late last season, and this year he’s expected to be third on the depth chart behind Zach Zwinak and Akeel Lynch. There has been wide speculation since the end of last season that he could decide to transfer.

Belton continued to tweet throughout the day Monday and seemed to be upset about some of the backlash from fans over the prank.

“When it comes to penn state football you outsiders know nothing I REPEAT NOTHING,” Belton tweeted.

Issah update

Penn State reportedly has pulled the scholarship of linebacker recruit Zayd Issah, at least for now, according to BlueWhite Illustrated.

Issah, a linebacker from Central Dauphin, faces numerous charges, including felonies, for his alleged role in a counterfeit money scheme.

Issah has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 9. Depending on how the case unfolds and what details emerge, Penn State still could decide to bring in Issah on scholarship.