Still chances to make Christmas wishes true

A box of bullets?

I chuckled to myself as I unwrapped the present my adult son had sent me for Christmas. Immediately I wondered if if anywhere in Pennsylvania there would be another woman who would be as delighted with this Christmas present as I was. They are for my new handgun which my son also got for me and it all flooded me with memories of the years past (many) in which we have been hunting buddies.

Mark lives in Missouri now so we get little time to hunt together any more but when he bagged a nice buck in Missouri’s deer season this year, he called me from the woods to tell me. He tells most anyone who will listen that his father taught him pheasant and rabbit hunting but he learned deer hunting from his mother.

So I sat down by my fireplace Christmas morning and rehearsed in my mind many recollections of events we have experienced together. I’ll spare you all that sentiment but I indulged myself that day.

I did recount the fearsome event of 1989 when we were each shot by another hunter, he in Missouri and I back in Pennsylvania within two weeks of one another. Again I thanked the Savior, whose birthday we were celebrating, for the deliverance of each of us from the Grim Reaper. Doctors told us both we should be dead because of our injuries, but we were spared. Such things tend to lead one to consider a new perspective for life.

Along the same line of thinking I am truly dedicated to ladies being prepared to defend themselves in this day and age. So here is a notice especially for ladies of a course for ladies .

Once again White Horse Nation, LLC will open the door to the New Year and allow ladies to go first! If past years are any indication, the seats in this class will go quickly!

Gift certificates are available! Nothing says “I love you and want to see that you’re safe” like a gift certificate to a handgun class!

Hit the stores

If Santa did not leave under your tree exactly the hunting clothes and gear you wanted, remember that now is the perfect time to go shopping. Provided there is anything left in the budget, that is. Just before deer season I purchased some socks of a certain brand I had not tried before. My feet did not get cold even once while wearing those socks and there were many days that it was mighty cold in the woods. I usually wear the battery socks and I had them on every day this year as well with the newly purchased socks over them. I never once started the battery socks up so now I am on the search to find more of those socks.

It also appears that the weather might be condusive to a few pleasant days outdoors hunting for shed antlers. I hope you attended the seminar that Teresa Patterson presented on the subject at the Jaffa Outdoor Show last year. Feel sure that some attendees of that seminar will be out with their dogs looking for sheds.

Finding sheds is also a good scouting tool because if you find a shed you know a good buck was there. You may unearth some good hidey-holes that good bucks take advantage of when the shooting starts each year. Might even be a place to put a trail camera in late autumn just before archery season. Any clues you can gather up at this time of year are really helpful.

Well, Happy New Year! We think that the miserable weather on opening day of deer season probably saved more than a few deer. Barring any weather-related tragedies here, we can believe we will have a hopeful season next year. Whatever your opinion on the state’s deer management program, you have to admit that we are seeing many more really nice antlered bucks the last couple years.

Ladies only

Basic handgun class

Topics Discussed

n Safety

n Fundamentals of pistol shooting

n Firearm handling basics

n Handgun terminology

n Carry laws and use of force laws

n Live fire exercises

n Gun cleaning

n Safe storage

Date: Jan. 19, 2019

Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Location: Hollidaysburg Sportsmen’s Club Indoor Range

Fee: $125.00 ($130 if paying online); $175.00 ($180 if paying online) if White Horse Nation, LLC supplies the gun and ammo. Availability is limited for loaner guns. First come, first served.

Class size: Maximum of 10 / Multiple Instructors

Registration deadline: The Tuesday prior to the class date or until the class is full.

You need to bring:

n Your PA license to carry firearms

n Eye Protection

n Hearing protection

n Baseball cap


n 100 rounds of factory ammunition for your handgun

n Lunch

For course descriptions, instructor bios and other information visit White Horse Nation, LLC on Facebook or