Jaffa Show arrives just in time

This weekend kicks off the immensely popular outdoors extravaganza that is the Jaffa Show.

The hours are Thursday, 3-8 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. A show of this magnitude chases away cabin fever in a big way at least for awhile. It certainly does for the seminar speakers and folks with booths featuring all sorts of new products and especially for weeks for the show organizers and schedulers. But we owe them a lot of thanks for producing an outdoor show of this caliber. Listed below is the list of seminar presenters and booths and shows. You’ll need two full days to experience everything.

Also featured will be the kids archery shoot with Freedom Archery on Friday; a kids BB gun shoot, sponsored by the NWTF’s Jakes Program; the kids trout pond; a kids panning for gems; the Coyote hunt again this year and the NWTF-sanctioned Jaffa Shriners Classic Turkey Calling Contest on Saturday.

The schedule looks like this:


n Justin Burk, PA Federation of Blackpowder: Myths surrounding Muzzleloaders , 2:30 p.m. room D, and 3 p.m. room C

n Shirley Grenoble and Joanie Haidle: Why we use the tactics we use in these modern days, 4 p.m. room D

n Don Mathews Equipment and tactics for fishing Steelhead Alley,5 p.m. room C

n Roy Spickler, Stone Creek Hounds & hunting Supplies; Raccoon Hunting and Dogs, 6 p.m. room B with Wayne Bush


n Ken Hammel, Mountain Hollow Game Calls Turkey Calling: How to talk turkey to a wise- old gobbler, 11 a.m. room D

n Tim Flanigan, ruffed grouse, noon, room 3

n Justin Burk, PA Black Powder Federation, 12:30 p.m., room 3; muzzleloader hunting myths ,1:30 p.m. room C

n Jon Collins: Tooth and Claw TV, coyote & bobcat hunting basics, 2:30 p.m., room D

n Tim Flanigan, wildlife photography, 3 p.m. room C

n PA Fish Commission: Snakes of Pennsylvania;

4:30 p.m. room D

n Shirley Grenoble and Joanie Haidle: Why we use the tactics we use in these modern days, 5 p.m. room C

n Don Mathews, The changing salmon fishery in the Great Lakes, 6:30 p.m. in room C with Wayne Bush; White Horse Nation Basics on Conceal Carry


n Ken Hammel, Mountain Hollow Game Calls; hunting big bucks with deer calling techniques, 12:30 p.m., room D

n Roy Spickler, Stone Creek Hounds & Hunting Supplies, rabbit hunting and beagles, 1:30 p.m., room C

n Jon Collins, Tooth and Claw TV, coyote & bobcat hunting basics, 2:30 p.m., room C

n Justin Burk, PA Federation of Blackpowder, muzzleloader hunting myths, 3:30 p.m., room D

Haidle, my friend and cohort, will have her booth featuring her superb “Joanie’s Beard-Bustin’ Calls.” And we will be doing two seminars together that you can find in the above schedule. We absolutely love doing these seminars and it is all the things we have learned from experience, from hunting by ourselves and with each other through the years.

Back in October of 1988, I had an article published in “Outdoor Life” magazine about something that was a problem then in every spring turkey hunter’s life. It is a problem to this day and we will addressing that subject in our seminars. There may be time in our show to field some of your questions, too.

The subject matter covered by the various experts is various and sometimes unusual. A seminar on raccoon hunting, conceal-and-carry laws and steelhead fishing are all worth the time.

There will be new and innovative turkey calls to compare and stock up on. Believe it or not, the hormones are jingling in the mature gobblers out there, even if it is snowing. It is just a short time to break in new calls and learn some new techniques for fooling them.

Frankly, the essence of successful spring gobbler hunting is to interfere in their sex lives. The hens are ready to breed and the gobblers are so ready to oblige, but most every gobbler out there will have his own harems established and the hunter has to convince the gobbler to leave the hens he can see around him, the ones he is with day after day, the ones whose voices he knows intimately that you are suddenly the sexiest, most desirable hen ever who just suddenly showed up on the scene.

How to get that gobbler to peel away from his familiar consorts to seek after you somewhere back in the trees or bushes is a royal challenge. Most of us don’t have a game plan, we just depend on luck. Ken Hammel of Mountain Hollow Calls is offering a seminar on how to get that wise-old gobbler to look for you. I’d take that one in, and I will if I can get there in time. But I won’t get there until after church is over so I may not make it.

But we’ll see you at the show. Be sure to come by the booth and say hello!