Big box call one of Jaffa highlights

What a great way it was to spend an otherwise dreary winter weekend at the Jaffa Outdoor Show. The place was packed, of course, and Friday night’s miserable ice storm presented a real challenge to life and limb.

I arrived there in the midst of that storm and had to cross the entire parking lot while toting two bags and a hunting blind that I would use in my seminars. Except for my ever-present guardian angels being on duty again, I don’t know how I ever would have crossed that ice field. But I have not heard there were any mishaps because of it.

I love looking for the odd and curious stuff and I found one. Jim Rickard of Fallentimber came by to show me his box call, a huge thing that – if you could get it into the woods – would call turkeys from surrounding counties. You would need wheels and a handle attached just to get it through the woods. A few yelps from this humongous box call in the woods would either send every turkey in the country fleeing into the next county or would call every turkey for a mile around in to me. I’d like to find out which it would be.

Frankly, I think it would make a great jewelry box and certainly a conversation piece. He was wearing a T-shirt that declared “women want me and fish fear me.” Anyway, I’ll have more to say about this interesting person at a later time.

I remember that a few years ago I went to an outdoor show and there was a vendor there wearing a T-Shirt that read: ” I am looking for the perfect woman: She will have her own guns, own a 4-wheel drive truck, and loves to hunt and fish.”

Obviously this was a huge and impossible joke in his mind, and I couldn’t resist walking right up and telling the gentleman that he had now met his dream woman. “I meet all your qualifications,” I chirped at him, “I love to hunt and fish, own guns and know how to shoot them and I also have a 4-wheel drive truck so does that mean we are now engaged or what?”

I can still remember how red he got and how he sputtered at the very thought that there actually was a woman who met these qualifications. And being a seminar speaker always draws those who will come in to the meeting room where the feature is “how to hunt the wild turkey” and then proceed to ask, “Have you ever killed a turkey?” My replies to such nonsense are not printable here so I’ll skip them.

All in all, however, an outdoor show is such great fun. Actually meeting people eye to eye and having some tell you they like what you write and others tell you they don’t is also a hoot.

n Most turkey hunters are also deer hunters and so Whitetails Unlimited had announced that Pennsylvania now has a resident field director, Ron Reeder, who lives in York. He is busy organizing chapter to support the organization’s mission of conservation education and the preservation of an American tradition.

Like all the major conservation groups, WU chapters receive 50 percent of the net proceeds from fundraising events to be utilized for local conservation or education projects. I think most of us agree that we need an advocate in this area in this state. Popular projects include hunter safety, youth education, habitat improvement, National Archery in the Schools Program, range improvement, anti-poaching programs, 4-H shooting Sports, hunter recruitment projects and disabled hunter and wounded warrior projects.

Local volunteers are what will make this group work just as it has for all the conservation organizations that operate with great success within our borders. So if you want more information about this please give Ron a call at (724)-467-o701 or by email at rreederwtu@ or visit the website at

This is a national organization located in Wisconsin. But a chapter in this state has a big potential to be a big voice for the hunter.