Altoona picks up three victories at Clearfield event

CLEARFIELD — The Altoona and Glendale wrestling teams both competed at the Clearfield Bison Duals on Saturday where the Mountain Lions went 3-2 while the Vikings finished up at 2-2 in high school action.

Altoona beat Benton (47-28), Bradford (60-16) and James M. Coughlin (46-31) while falling to Forest Hills (40-34) and Montoursville (54-18). The Vikings downed Union City (42-35) and Bradford (60-24) while losing to Montoursville (51-22) and Port Allegany (51-29).


106: Zach Kremer (B) over Jordan Carlucci (A) (MD 9-1) 113: Gable Strickland (B) over Luke Hileman (A) (Fall) 120: Damion Finnegan (A) over Mason Smith (B) (TF 16-1) 126: Matt Sarbo (A) over Caden Temple (B) (Fall) 132: Jordan Wagner (A) over (B) (For.) 138: Graham Black (A) over (B) (For.) 145: Michael Mason (B) over Andrew Beach (A) (Fall).

152: Nolan Lear (B) over Gavin Wagner (A) (Fall) 160: Adam Zerbee (A) over (B) (For.) 170: Colin Allmond (A) over Kaleb Michael (B) (Fall 0:00) 182: Joshua Keirn (A) over (B) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Teagan Benner (B) over Shamus Walker (A) (Fall) 285: Trevor Manley (A) over Zach Poust (B) (Fall)


106: Jordan Carlucci (A) over (B) (For.) 113: Luke Hileman (A) over (B) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Damion Finnegan (A) over (B) (M. For.) 132: Matt Sarbo (A) over Michael Gow (B) (Fall) 138: Jordan Wagner (A) over (B) (For.) 145: Corey McClellan (A) over (B) (For.).

152: Andrew Beach (A) over (B) (For.) 160: Colby Keane (B) over Gavin Wagner (A) (Fall) 170: Derek Sunafrank (B) over Adam Zerbee (A) (MD 18-6) 182: Dillon Keane (B) over Colin Allmond (A) (Fall) 195: Joshua Keirn (A) over Kholten Fuller (B) (Fall) 220: Shamus Walker (A) over (B) (For.) 285: Trevor Manley (A) over Dylan Mazzone (B) (Fall)


106: Easton Toth (FH) over Jordan Carlucci (A) (Fall) 113: Jackson Arrington (FH) over Luke Hileman (A) (Fall) 120: Damion Finnegan (A) over Michael Noon (FH) (TF 17-2) 126: Matt Sarbo (A) over Byron Daubert (FH) (Fall) 132: Jordan Wagner (A) over Garet Connor (FH) (MD 10-2) 138: Erik Gibson (FH) over Graham Black (A) (Fall) 145: Robert Krug (FH) over Andrew Beach (A) (Fall).

152: Ryan Weyandt (FH) over Gavin Wagner (A) (Fall) 160: Adam Zerbee (A) over Michael Vasbinder (FH) (Dec 6-4) 170: Ryan Latshaw (FH) over Colin Allmond (A) (MD 14-5) 182: Joshua Keirn (A) over Corey Miller (FH) (MD 9-1) 195: Mason Rodgers (FH) over (A) (For.) 220: Shamus Walker (A) over (FH) (For.) 285: Trevor Manley (A) over (FH) (For.)


106: Joshua Warman (JC) over Jordan Carlucci (A) (Fall) 113: Cooper Price (JC) over Luke Hileman (A) (Fall) 120: Damion Finnegan (A) over Tino Morrow (JC) (Fall) 126: Matt Sarbo (A) over Jayden Pahler (JC) (Fall) 132: Jordan Wagner (A) over Sa’id Hollis (JC) (TF 15-0) 138: Graham Black (A) over (JC) (For.) 145: Jamie Pahler (JC) over Corey McClellan (A) (Dec 5-0).

152: Warren Faust (JC) over Andrew Beach (A) (Fall) 160: Gavin Wagner (A) over Stephen Youkoski (JC) (Fall) 170: Tanner Smith (JC) over Adam Zerbee (A) (MD 13-3) 182: Colin Allmond (A) over Joseph Davis (JC) (Fall) 195: Joshua Keirn (A) over (JC) (For.) 220: Connor Lee (JC) over Shamus Walker (A) (Fall) 285: Trevor Manley (A) over Aaron Warnagaris (JC) (TF 18-1)


106: Cayden Frame (M) over Jordan Carlucci (A) (Fall 0:00) 113: Luke Hileman (A) over Alexander Oberheim (M) (Fall 0:00) 120: Brock Lutz (M) over Damion Finnegan (A) (Dec 9-4) 126: Matt Sarbo (A) over Lucas Sherwood (M) (Fall 0:00) 132: Dominica Daugherty (M) over (A) (For.) 138: Wyatt Dewald (M) over Graham Black (A) (Dec 7-4) 145: Jacob Dinges (M) over Andrew Beach (A) (Fall 0:00)

152: Emery Balint (M) over Gavin Wagner (A) (Fall 0:00) 160: Cael Crebs (M) over adam Zerbee (A) (Fall 0:00) 170: Dylan Bennett (M) over Colin Allmond (A) (Fall 0:00) 182: Joshua Keirn (A) over Gavin Livermore (M) (Fall 0:00) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Gable Crebs (M) over Shamus Walker (A) (Fall 0:00) 285: Cameron Wood (M) over Trevor Manley (A) (Fall 0:00).


160: Colby Keane (B) over Boston Bloom (G) (Fall 0:31) 170: Derek Sunafrank (B) over (G) (For.) 182: Dillon Keane (B) over (G) (For.) 195: Seth Dudurich (G) over Kholten Fuller (B) (Fall 1:03) 220: Cory Johnston (G) over (B) (For.) 285: Kyle Jasper (G) over Dylan Mazzone (B) (Fall 0:35) 106: Suds Dubler (G) over (B) (For.)

113: Garret Misiura (G) over (B) (For.) 120: Evan Duclo (G) over (B) (For.) 126: Brock McMillen (G) over Brett Thompson (B) (Fall 0:47) 132: Michael Gow (B) over (G) (For.) 138: Ethan Cavalet (G) over (B) (For.) 145: Cameron Fyock (G) over (B) (For.) 152: Brent Kuhn (G) over (B) (For.)


170: Derek Kallenborn (PA) over Boston Bloom (G) (Fall 0:38) 182: Dalton Distrola (PA) over (G) (For.) 195: Justin Young (PA) over Seth Dudurich (G) (Fall 3:55) 220: Cory Johnston (G) over (PA) (For.) 285: Kyle Jasper (G) over Nicholas Carinci (PA) (Fall 0:08) 106: Suds Dubler (G) over Chase Weimer (PA) (Fall 1:11) 113: Reese Vollmer (PA) over Garret Misiura (G) (Dec 5-1)

120: Braedon Johnson (PA) over Evan Duclo (G) (Fall 1:13) 126: Brock McMillen (G) over Scott Fuller (PA) (TF 19-4 3:28) 132: Isaiah Caden (PA) over (G) (For.) 138: Eli Petruzzi (PA) over Ethan Cavalet (G) (Fall 0:56) 145: Cameron Fyock (G) over Montgomery Tanner (PA) (Fall 1:39) 152: Issac Smoker (PA) over (G) (For.) 160: Alex Sanderson (PA) over Brent Kuhn (G) (Fall 2:23)


195: Gable Crebs (M) over (G) (For.) 220: Cameron Wood (M) over Cory Johnston (G) (Dec 3-2) 285: Kyle Jasper (G) over Sawyer O’Connor (M) (Fall 1:12) 106: Suds Dubler (G) over Cayden Frame (M) (Fall 5:49) 113: Garret Misiura (G) over Alexander Oberheim (M) (MD 11-0) 120: Brock Lutz (M) over Evan Duclo (G) (Fall 0:22) 126: Brock McMillen (G) over Lucas Sherwood (M) (Fall 1:10).

132: Dominica Daugherty (M) over (G) (For.) 138: Wyatt Dewald (M) over Ethan Cavalet (G) (Dec 8-1) 145: Jacob Dinges (M) over Cameron Fyock (G) (Dec 12-5) 152: Cael Crebs (M) over (G) (For.) 160: Caleb Moser (M) over Boston Bloom (G) (Fall 0:28) 170: Dylan Bennett (M) over (G) (For.) 182: Gavin Livermore (M) over (G) (For.)


285: Matt Long (UC) over (G) (For.) 106: Suds Dubler (G) over Evan Smith (UC) (Fall 1:24) 113: Garret Misiura (G) over Quintin Hedderick (UC) (Fall 1:41) 120: Evan Duclo (G) over (UC) (For.) 126: Brock McMillen (G) over (UC) (For.) 132: Tallin Henry (UC) over (G) (For.) 138: Judah Gardner (UC) over (G) (For.)

145: Shad Haskins (UC) over (G) (For.) 152: Cain Greeley (UC) over Cameron Fyock (G) (TF 17-2 5:00) 160: Brent Kuhn (G) over (UC) (For.) 170: Boston Bloom (G) over (UC) (For.) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Gavin Henry (UC) over Seth Dudurich (G) (Fall 1:40) 220: Cory Johnston (G) over Tyler Hedderick (UC) (Fall 1:07)

Tigers falter

HOLLIDAYSBURG — Hollidaysburg’s Colin Smilnak and Campbell Walls both pinned their opponents, but Shikellamy came out with a 43-27 victory.

182: Mason McCready (HAH) over (SHHS) (For.) 195: Kurtis Raker (SHHS) over (HAH) (For.) 220: Adam Young (SHHS) over Gus Dellinger (HAH) (Dec 5-2) 285: Sam Haines (HAH) over Conell Fain (SHHS) (Dec 3-1) 106: Xavier Adams (HAH) over (SHHS) (For.) 113: Colin Smilnak (HAH) over Caleb Yoder (SHHS) (Fall 3:00) 120: Damian Wolfe (SHHS) over Brian Praul (HAH) (Dec 7-5).

126: Coltyn Sempko (SHHS) over Andrew Simpson (HAH) (Fall 1:32) 132: Cade Balestrini (SHHS) over Garidan Bridenbaugh (HAH) (Fall 1:43) 138: Gage Wolfe (SHHS) over Aaron Sleeth (HAH) (Dec 6-3) 145: Drew Balestrini (SHHS) over Weston Barnes (HAH) (Fall 1:21) 152: Campbell Walls (HAH) over Jacob Egan (SHHS) (Fall 2:56) 160: Isaiah Betz (SHHS) over (HAH) (For.) 170: Evan Bingaman (SHHS) over Nathan Fisher (HAH) (MD 9-1)

Hornets at tourney

ALEXANDRIA — Juniata Valley had four wrestlers compete at the Garrett Scott Memorial Tournament.

Dalton Dick went 2-2 on the day getting two wins by fall, one over Jersey Shore’s Lee Springman and one over Sugar Valley Charter’s Joshua Weaver.

Tony Porter went 1-2, getting a fall over Southern Huntingdon’s Evan Herrington. Teammate Isaac Watson went 1-4, getting a fall over Columbia’s Derek Nell for his victory. T.J. Wilson also wrestled, going 0-3 on the day.