Kelly Shaw: Male Bowler of Week

Series: 836

League: Monday Night Church at Splinters

Residence: Tyrone

BOW history: First time

Previous series high: 776

Previous single-game high: 300

Reaction to being BOW: I was surprised. I didn’t think it would hold up.

The key to my bowling success is: Making spares.

You have been bowling for how many years: 16

Where was the first place you ever went bowling?: Splinters

You bowled your first 300: 2015

You were introduced to bowling by: My brothers, Justin Shaw and Joe Dennis Jr.

Your regular bowling partners include: Dan Carper, Lonnie Carper, Bruce Knisley, Cathy Knisley

How many days of the week do you bowl: Two

You love bowling because: It’s relaxing and a good time out with friends.

What’s the best advice you could give young bowlers: Make spares and don’t get frustrated.