Woods’ caddie puts heckler in his place

Golf is a sport known for the typically good behavior of its fans.

However, with each passing year, it seems an ever-growing number of fans feel the need to impose themselves into the competition.

Any weekend now, you can hardly watch a golf broadcast without hearing any number of unruly fans yelling one crazy catchphrase or another while a PGA Tour player hits his tee shot.

Even worse are hecklers who will follow a player around the course hurling one, ugly insult after another.

A particularly interesting heckling incident was shared by Tiger Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava, who explained an interaction he had with a fan at the recent WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

After listing to a heckler complain about purchasing a ticket to the event, only to watch Woods’ poor performance, LaCava quickly pulled $25 from his own wallet and handed it to the man.

The heckler gladly accepted the money, but instead of staying quiet, he only continued his disparaging remarks.

Finally, LaCava asked tournament officials to remove the fan, who left without issue while the remaining fans gave LaCava a standing ovation.

You have to give LaCava a lot of credit. He’s done a great job for Tiger Woods, since becoming his caddie in 2011, and he does it without bringing any undo attention to himself.

In this case, it was necessary.

Rules violation

With all the wet weather we’ve had so far this summer, many local golfers have experienced playing under the local rule of “preferred lies.”

The rule typically allows for golfers to lift, clean and place their ball — while only in their own fairway.

I would venture to say that most amateur golfers are very familiar with this rule. That’s why I found it so surprising to see an LPGA Tour player violate the rule last weekend.

During Saturday’s third round at the Indy Women in Tech Championship, Lexi Thompson’s tee shot at the 10th hole flew far to the right and onto the adjacent sixth fairway.

Thompson proceeded to incorrectly mark her ball after seeing that it had finished on the short grass. However, since it was not the fairway she was playing, she had broken the rule and a one-shot penalty was assessed.

Thompson handled the situation well, but it goes to show that there’s no substitute for knowing the rules.

Gwen Paden

Congratulations to all the men and women who have captured local club championships so far this year.

With that said, I wanted to give a special shoutout to Iron Masters’ Gwen Paden, who captured her club’s title after scoring rounds of 79 and 87.

Last weekend’s victory brought Paden’s championship total at Iron Masters to an amazing 31 titles.

Rare trifecta

Scottish golfer Ali Gibb accomplished an amazing feat last week by scoring three holes-in-one on the same day.

The 51-year-old Gibb performed the feat while playing in her 36-hole club championship tournament.

Amazingly, Gibb aced the 127-yard par-3 fifth hole both times she played it. She capped off her unbelievable day by adding a third hole-in-one on the 160-yard 11th hole.

Not surprisingly, Gibb was the eventual winner of her club championship.

Ken Love covers local golf for the Mirror. He can be reached at gltr777@atlanticbb.net.