Lady Tigers sweep their way to 3-0

HOLLIDAYSBURG — The Hollidaysburg girls tennis team defeated Windber, 7-0, to improve to 3-0 in high school action on Wednesday.

Hollidaysburg got singles wins from Jenee Delerme, Paige Jodon, Jordan Brown, Alycia Auerbeck and Ella Jodon.

Doubles victories were earned by Carly Finochio and Lydia Lieb, along with Jenna Sheetz and Abigail Goodman.

SINGLES: 1, Delerme, H, def. Hanley, 10-1; 2, P. Jodon, H, def. Labosky, 10-1; 3, Brown, H, def. Wojcik, 10-2; 4, Auerbeck, H, def. Lydinger, 10-1; 5, E. Jodon, H, def. Dagostna, 10-6.

DOUBLES: 1, Finochio-Lieb, H, def. Betcher-Weakland, 10-1; 2, Sheetz-Goodman, H, def. Hanley-Wright, 10-1.

Records: Hollidaysburg (3-0), Windber (0-2).

Tyrone dominates

CLEARFIELD — Tyrone was dominant on the road as the Lady Eagles defeated Clearfield, 6-1.

Tyrone’s Winnie Grot, Ava McKraken, Megan Tepsic, Olivia Reese and Lindsey Walk were all singles winners, and the team of Alicia Endress and Ashlee Walk won doubles as the team improved to 2-0 on the season.

SINGLES: 1, Grot, T, def. Wisor, 6-0, 6-0; 2, McCracken, T, def. Gaines, 6-0, 6-1; 3, Tepsic, T, def. Ky. VanTassel, 6-2, 6-0; 4, Reese, T, def. Ki. VanTassel, 6-1, 6-4; 5, L. Walk, T, def. Groth, 6-1, 6-0.

DOUBLES: 1, Wisor-Houchins, C, def. E. Walk-Reese, 9-7; 2, Endress-A. Walk, T, def. Gaines-Ky. VanTassel, 9-7.

Records: Tyrone (2-0); Clearfield (0-3).

Central triumphs

HUNTINGDON — Central’s Kierra Mountain led the pack against Huntingdon as the Lady Dragons won all five singles matches in a 5-2 win.

Also victorious for Central were Lindsey Kensinger, ALeah Trueman, Allison Brooks, and Candace Holt.

Huntingdon’s teams of Liv Vlasak and Carline Sliver, and Alicyn Albaugh and Julia Thompson, picked up the only wins for the Lady Bearcats in doubles action.

Central is now 3-1, while Huntingdon fell to 0-3.

SINGLES: 1, Mountain, C, def. Vlasak, 6-3. 6-1; 2, Kensinger, C, def. Sliver, 6-0, 7-5; 3, Trueman, C, def. Albaugh, 6-1, 6-2; 4, Brooks, C, def. Thompson, 6-3, 6-2; 5, Holt, C, def. Ritchey, 6-3, 6-1.

DOUBLES: 1, Vlasak-Sliver, H, def. BRown and Bush, 8-3; 2, Albaugh-Thompson, H, def. Ayers-M.Madden, 8-7.

Records: Central (3-1); Huntingdon (0-3).

Lady Devils sweep

EBENSBURG — Olivia Ratchford, Corinne Markovich and Emma Ratchford were all singles winners for Central Cambria in a 5-0 sweep over Johnstown.

The teams of Sophia Devan and Anna Rieg, along with Rachel Holtz and Sam Archangelo, were doubles winners.

SINGLES: 1, O. Ratchford, CC, def. Evans, 10-1; 2, Markovich, CC, def. Miller, 10-0; 3, E. Ratchford, CC, def. Horner, 10-0.

DOUBLES: 1, Devan-Rieg, CC, def. E. Knopp-K. Knopp, 8-2; 2, Holtz-Archangelo, CC, winners by forfeit.

Records: Central Cambria (Not reported).

Ridge falters

SIDMAN — Chestnut Ridge dropped a 3-2 decision at Forest Hills.

The Lady Lions got singles wins from Delana Kissell and Ashley Barnes.

SINGLES: 1, Poborski, FH, def. Smith, 10-6; 2, Kissell, CR, def. Penrod,10-5; 3, Barnes, CR, def. Ray, 10-7.

DOUBLES: 1, Rivera-Seese, FH, def. Webb-Ahmad, 10-0; 2, Cummings-Gray, FH, def. Weaver-Malinowski, 11-10.

Records: Not reported.

McCort tops BG

JOHNSTOWN — Bishop Guilfoyle got singles victories from Sara Manna and Victoria McElheny, but dropped a 3-2 decision to Bishop McCort.

BG is 4-4, while McCort won for the first time in four starts.

SINGLES: 1, Manna, BG, def. Sprinez, 6-2, 6-0. 2, McElheny, BG, def. Berhovsek, 6-3, 6-0. 3, Seipz, BM, won by forfeit.

DOUBLES: 1, Pollino-Vatavpa, BM, def. Marisa and Madison Hooper, 6-2, 6-3. 2, Gruss-Isenburg, BM, def. Jones-Gervin, 6-4, 4-6, 8-4.

Records: Bishop Guilfoyle (4-4), Bishop McCort (1-3).