Huntingdon’s Goldstone captures two golds

UNIVERSITY PARK — Huntingdon Area High School’s Haley Goldstone punched her ticket into the state meet both individually and as part of a relay team during the first day of competition at the District 6 Swimming & Diving Championships on Friday at Penn State.

Huntingdon also qualified a boys relay for states in Class 2A. In Class 3A, Hollidaysburg’s Conor McKeirnan earned a spot in the next round by virtue of his gold medal in the boys 200 freestyle.

The winner of each event automatically qualifies for states. After all the district meets are completed, several other teams and competitors will receive at-large bids based on their times.

The top 12 finishers score for their teams.

Overall, though, it was a strong first day for the Bearcats and Lady Bearcats.

Goldstone’s individual gold came in the 50-yard freestyle, where the Lady Bearcat junior posted a time of 24.36 seconds. In the 200 medley relay, Goldstone teamed up with Mallory Woodward, Sydney Houck and Jaelyn Mitchell to produce a time of 1 minute, 55.06 seconds.

Woodward and Houck also were third and fourth, respectively, in the 200 individual medley. Tyrone’s 200 medley relay of Mae Decker, Fiona McConnell, Madison Coleman and Sarah Hoover placed third (1:58.59), and Coleman finished third in the 50 freestyle (25.90).

Huntingdon’s 200 freestyle relay of Andrew Edwards, Matias Berger, Nick Buckley and Ben Atherton finished first at 1:32.14 to highlight a very good day for the Bearcats, who turned in six finishes in the top four places.

Atherton (2:05.41) and Buckley (21.98) also captured silver medals in the 200 freestyle and the 50 freestyle, respectively. Berger and Marshall Lowe took fourth in the 100 butterfly and the 200 freestyle, as did the Bearcats’ 200 medley relay of Lowe, Julian Groenendaal, Colby Grubb and Luke Atherton.

Tyrone’s 200 medley relay team of Jacob Decker, Matt Lenze, Carter Maceno and Bryce Bauer placed second, putting up a school-record time of 1:51.12.

McKeirnan was the only 3A gold medalist from the Mirror coverage area on Friday. Only a sophomore, the Golden Tiger finished his race in 1:45.36 to earn his spot in the state meet.

McKeirnan also was part of the Tigers’ silver-medal effort in the 200 medley relay, where he, Gage Paul, Will Tyndall and Nick Helsel registered a time of 1:46.89. Hollidaysburg’s Seth Lowey, Bob Burns, Aidan Bouchard and Dane Holtz combined for a fourth-place showing in the 400 free relay.

Taylor Hileman turned in an impressive Day-1 showing for the Hollidaysburg girls, joining Shani Evans, Shannon Campbell and Megan Dinges to take second in the 200 free relay (1:43.76) and Allison Black, Evans and Campbell to place third in the 200 medley relay (1:57.40) before placing fourth individually in the 50 freestyle.




200 medley relay: 2, Hollidaysburg (Conor McKeirnan, Gage Paul, Will Tyndall, Nick Helsel), 1:46.89. 100 butterfly: 5, Will Tyndall, Hollidaysburg, 58.00; 8, Rusty Focht, Altoona, 1:05.35; 9, Joe Black, Hollidaysburg, 1:05.80; 11, Gage Paul, Hollidaysburg, 1:06.70. 200 freestyle: 1, Conor McKeirnan, Hollidaysburg, 1:45.36; 8, Blake Slobodnik, Altoona, 21:56.92; 9, Nick Helsel, Hollidaysburg, 2:01.35; 10, Parker Grigg, Hollidaysburg, 2:04.28.

50 freestyle: 7, Seth Lowey, Hollidaysburg, 24.72; 9 (tie), Dane Holtz, Hollidaysburg, and Jared Markel, Altoona, 24.91; 11, Carson Bryan, Hollidaysburg, 25.35; 12, Bob Burns, Hollidaysburg, 25.41. 200 freestyle relay: 4, Hollidaysburg (Seth Lowey, Bob Burns, Aidan Bouchard, Dane Holtz), 1:39.54; 5, Altoona (Jared Markel, Blake Slobodnik, Rusty Focht, Rylan Bailor), 1:45.90.


200 medley relay: Hollidaysburg (Allison Black, Shani Evans, Shannon Campbell, Taylor Hileman), 1:57.40; 5, Altoona (Elizabeth Manley, Sarah Harmon, Faith Milliron, Christine Brunette), 2:29.21. 200 IM: 6, Black, Hollidaysburg, 2:23.86; 9, Anastasia Slobodnik, Altoona, 2:33.94; 10, Lily Evans, Hollidaysburg, 2:40.38; 11, Iris Kauffman, Altoona, 2:51.60.

100 butterfly: 7, Shannon Campbell, Hollidaysburg, 1:08.47; 10, Mia LeCrone, Hollidaysburg, 1:10.84. 11, Iris Kauffman, Altoona, 1:20.51; 12, Kayla Rosas, Altoona, 1:32.59. 50 freestyle: 4, Taylor Hileman, Hollidaysburg, 25.69; 7, Megan Dinges, Hollidaysburg, 26.48; 10, Claire Sauerland, Hollidaysburg, 27.55. 200 freestyle: 7, Kara Vyborny, Hollidaysburg, 2:15.57; 8, Aggie Hoover, Hollidaysburg, 2:16.37; 9, Brittney Fouse, Altoona, 2:24.70; 10, Christina Brunette, Altoona, 2:29.07. 200 freestyle relay: 2, Hollidaysburg (Shani Evans, Shannon Campbell, Megan Dinges, Taylor Hileman), 1:43.76; 5, Altoona 200 (Julianna Kratzer, Kayla Rosas, Sianna Hatch, Anastasia Slobodnik), 1:58.40.



200 medley relay: 2, Tyrone (Jacob Decker, Matt Lenze, Carter Maceno, Bryce Bauer), 1:51.12 (school record); 4, Huntingdon 200 medley relay (Marshall Lowe, Julian Groenendaal, Colby Grubb, Luke Atherton), 1:51.98. 200 freestyle: 2, Ben Atherton, Huntingdon, 1:49.40; 4, Marshall Lowe, Huntingdon, 1:59.51; 8, Jacob Atherton, Huntingdon, 2:05.41.

200 IM: 4, Matias Berger, Huntingdon, 2:11.81; 7, Colby Grubb, Huntingdon, 2:27.45. 50 freestyle: 2, Nick Buckley, Huntingdon, 21.98; 5, Andrew Edwards, Huntingdon, 23.16; 10, Jacob Decker, Tyrone, 23.87. 100 butterfly: 4, Matias Berger, Huntingdon, 58.15; 6, Matt Lenze, Tyrone, 1:01.66; 11, Colby Grubb, Huntingdon, 1:07.31. 200 freestyle relay: 1, Huntingdon (Andrew Edwards, Matias Berger, Nick Buckley, Ben Atherton), 1:32.14.


200 medley relay: 1, Huntingdon (Mallory Woodward, Sydney Houck, Jaelyn Mitchell, Haley Goldstone), 1:55.06; 3, Tyrone 200 medley relay (Mae Decker, Fiona McConnell, Madson Coleman, Sarah Hoover), 1:58.59. 200 freestyle: 9, Jaelyn Mitchell, Huntingdon, 2:13.10; , Madi Buckley, Huntingdon, 2:14.99.

200 IM: 3, Mallory Woodward, Huntingdon, 2:21.60; 4, Sydney Houck, Huntingdon, 2:26.59. 50 freestyle: 1, Haley Goldstone, Huntingdon, 24.36; 3, Madison Coleman, Tyrone, 25.90; 9, Fiona McConnell, Tyrone, 26.90. 200 freestyle relay: 11, Huntingdon (Madi Buckley, Zane Kazmarski, Savannah Swartz, Maddie Langenbach), 1:58.47.