After upset, Eagles’ Hicks one of 17 area semifinalists

By Todd Irwin

Tyrone’s Jamal Hicks missed 14 matches during the regular season with a broken hand he sustained during a morning workout.

Hicks came back for the final dual meet against Bellwood-Antis, but he really announced his return on the first day of the District 6 Class 2A Tournament at the AAHS Fieldhouse.

The seventh-seeded Hicks recorded two pins, including a fall in 4:46 of Westmont Hilltop’s second-seeded Conner Polacek in a close 126-pound bout on Friday night.

“I feel great,” Hicks said. “He upset me earlier in the year on a controversial takedown, and I didn’t want that to happen again, so I wanted to make a statement.

“I knew I could beat him. When the brackets came out, I knew I wanted him at the end of the day. I’m happy I got him.”

Hicks is one of 17 area wrestlers in the semifinals. With the top six at every weight class advancing to next week’s Southwest Regional Tournament, those 17 have already punched their ticket to IUP.

The tournament resumes at 10:30 a.m. today with the fourth round of consolations. The semifinals will follow at around noon, and the seventh-place bouts will be wrestled in the afternoon. The championship finals, third and fifth-place bouts will all be wrestled at the same time again, and are scheduled to start at 6 p.m.

Huntingdon advanced four wrestlers in Izac Benson (132), Ryder Kocik (182), Alex Mykut (195) and Landon Fisher (220). Because of another wrestler getting scratched from the weight, the top-seeded Mykut had two byes before he pinned Ligonier Valley’s Robert Maxwell in 4:39.

The Bearcats, who have won four straight team titles, are in third place in the team stands with 80 points. Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy leads the team race by 15.5 points, 99-83.5, over Mount Union.

“We did all right for day one,” Huntingdon coach Jon Mykut said. “I thought we started off a little slow, but as the day went along, we picked it up a little bit and got a little better. We have four in the semis, so we’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

Penn Cambria pushed three into the semifinals Chase Proudfit (132), Jarred Stoy (160) and Derek Brown (170). Stoy earned his 100thcareer victory with a 7-1 win over Richland’s Jacob Sabol in the quarterfinals.

“He was a little bit tight,” PC coach Todd Niebauer said. “That was a tough freshman he had, but we’ve got to bring that up a notch or two if we want to make any noise.”

All three PC wrestlers had decisions in the quarters, including a 2-1 win by Proudfit over Penns Valley’s Clayton Royer and a 3-1 win by Brown over Bishop McCort’s Ethan Marcozzi.

“We were wrestling to not lose in some of those matches, and you’ve got to score points,” Niebauer said. “That’s not our style. I’m happy for the boys that they’re going to move on to regionals, but we’ve got to adjust and look to score. It’s not going to get any easier in the next round.”

Central’s Braeden Swab (138) also reached the 100-win plateau with a 17-2 technical fall in 4:45 over Juniata’s Tyler Feltman in the quarters. He’ll be joined in the semis by teammate Logan Marko (145).

Glendale’s Brock McMillen (113) and Tristan Rutter reached the semis, as did Moshannon Valley’s Alex Richner (126) and Jon Dale (160).

Claysburg’s Kimmel’s Cade Keithley (145), Portage’s Cole Sossong (160) and Central Cambria’s Nate Martin (285) also advanced.

Hicks took a 4-3 lead over Polacek into the third period, where he used a practice move to put the Hilltopper on his back and pin him.

“I don’t even know what I used,” Hicks said. “Me and (teammate) Mason (Walls) always work out and funk around, and I got in the same exact position that I’m used to getting in during practice a lot. So, I tried it on him and it was a lot easier that time.”

“Jamal has wrestled Polacek a couple different times, and it was one win each, so that was kind of the tiebreaker match,” Tyrone coach Terry Tate said. “I know how Jamal can wrestle, and I know if he wrestles sound, he can win the whole tournament.”

Hicks will wrestle Glendale’s sixth-seeded Tristan Rutter, who beat Portage’s third-seeded Logan Shaffer, 6-0, in the quarterfinals.

How’s the hand feel?

“It feels fine now,” Hicks said. “I ice it up before every match. I definitely feel it after a match.”

Keithley is a No. 10 seed who pinned Southern Huntingdon’s No. 15 seed Wyatt Campbell in the quarterfinals. Campbell reached the quarterfinals by winning by forfeit over Bishop McCort’s injured second-seeded Carnell Andrews. That’s weird stuff.

“Hey, we’ll take them whenever we can get them,” Claysburg-Kimmel coach Matt Musselman said. “We just got lucky enough to be matched up with a wrestler that was pulled out, and we ended up wrestling the 15 seed. He’s in the semis. I’m thrilled about that. We’ll just keep motoring on, and see how it works out.

Keithley will wrestle Saint Joseph’s sixth-seeded Evan Courts, who knocked off Westmont Hilltop’s third-seeded Clayton Dorian, 3-2.

“He wrestled pretty well today,” Musselman said. “If the same kid comes back and wrestles for me tomorrow, he’s got a good shot.”



1. SJ–Saint Joseph’s 99; 2. MU–Mount Union 83.5; 3. H–Huntingdon 80; 4. WH–Westmont Hilltop 73; 5. PC–Penn Cambria 70; 6. WB–West Branch 62.5; 7. MV–Moshannon Valley 62; 8. G–Glendale 60.5; 9. MC–Marion Center 58.5; 10. FH–Forest Hills 58; 11. LV–Ligonier Valley 50; 12. BM–Bishop McCort 49.5; 13. J–Juniata 47.5; 14. R–Richland 45.5; 15. P–Portage and PV–Penns Valley 45; 17. C–Central 41.5; 18. CH–Cambria Heights, T–Tyrone and SH–Southern Huntingdon 39; 21. CK–Claysburg-Kimmel 38; 22. B–Blairsville 37.5; 23. CC–Central Cambria 36; 24. JO–Johnstown 33; 25. BA–Bellwood-Antis and U–United 26; 27. JV–Juniata Valley 11.


106–Whitsel, SH, pinned Bilger, H, 5:16; 113–Shoop, SH, pinned Swoope, WB, 2:49; Layton, JO, dec. Darlington, PV, 4-0; 120–Miller, J, pinned Reim, LV, 2:53; Dignan, PC, dec. Regala, CC, 6-4; Kisiel, H, pinned Kudlawiec, BA, 2:36; Kellichner, U, dec. Boone, SH, 5-2; Dively, CK, pinned Dolheimer, PV, 1:11; Taylor, B, pinned Patterson, CH, 1:54; 126–Holsinger, R, dec. Kramer, H, 7-2; Connor, FH, pinned R. Niebauer, PC, 2:45; Matson, LV, pinned Wilson, SH, 5:38; Jeffers, CC, pinned Gilson, 1:55; Minerd, U, pinned Daniels, C, :56; 132–McMahon, JV, pinned Seilhamer, G, 1:34; Dunn, WH, dec. Joseph, U, 4-0; D. Noonan, BA, dec. Skopic, MU, 6-3; Claycomb, CK, dec. Jones, WB, 9-3; N. Shaffer, P, pinned Sprankle, T, 3:12; 138–Kick, P, pinned Rudnik, U, 3:20; Weaver, T, pinned Balles, MU, 3:40; Kitchen, CH, dec. Martin, PV, 6-3; Lichtenfels, BM, pinned Sly, MV, 1:16; Gondek, G, dec. Matson, LV, 6-4; 145–Harper, BA, pinned Macy, 1:34; Campbell, SH, maj. dec. McMullen, G, 14-6

152–Brandon, JO, dec. Benson, SH, 3-1; Royer, PV, pinned Schwarz, CK, 2:28; Deline, H, pinned Loucks, C, 1:50; Lingafelt, R, tech. fall Emery, JV, 16-1, 3:54; 160–Ulrich, G, pinned Brandt, T, 1:08; Rashilla, LV, pinned L. Kocher, C, 3:17; 170–Low, MU, pinned Kling, SH, :53; Hun. Holbay, WH, pinned McCoy, MC, 1:54; T. Hicks, T, pinned Hardin, JV, 4:19; Wirfel, PC, pinned Barley, U, :52; Helfrick, MU, pinned Spotts, PV, 1:44; Volelsberger, R, pinned McGuire, JV, 2:26; Davis, P, pinned Deterline, C, 3:28; 220–Johnston, G, pinned Sigurdsson, LV, :39; Willis, SH, dec. Henry, U, 4-3; Mocek, B, pinned Johnson, JO, 1:51; 285–Lucas, PV, dec. Smith, G, 1-0; Hurley, PC, pinned Gray, SJ, 1:36.


106–Shunk, PV, pinned Whitsel, SH, :35; Misiura, G, maj. dec. Sparr, JV, 15-2; Walk, T, pinned Zukus, JO, 1:17; Armstrong, MC, pinned B. Proudfit, PC, :15; Graham, WB, pinned Jabs, J, :15; Beatty, MU, dec. Kushner, WH, 5-2; Crouch, C, pinned Davis, CH, 3:27; Ohl, SJ, pinned Brandis, CC, 1:09; 113–Boozel, MU, pinned Shoop, SH, 1:35; Malcolm, BM, tech. fall Bowman, C, 23-8, 5:50; Simmons, CH, maj. dec. Walls, T, 12-0; Bruce, B, pinned Dishong, U, 1:46; Kauffman, SJ, pinned Lazer, CC, 3:01; Blackburn, WH, pinned Poruban, PC, 1:14; Mills, H, dec. DeLattre, MV, 8-4; McMillen, G, pinned Layton, R, :13; 120–Witmer, SJ, pinned Miller, J, 1:12; Mangus, R, dec. Holsinger, C, 3-2 UTB; Cor. Sossong, P, pinned Dignan, PC, 3:33; Daubert, FH, pinned Kisiel, H, 1:28; Kekich, JO, pinned Kellichner, U, 3:45; Denochick, WB, pinned Dively, CK, :31; Ball, MV, dec. Morehouse, MU, 6-0; Christie, WH, pinned Taylor, B, 1:03; 126–Richner, MV, pinned Holsinger, R, 2:35; T. Noonan, BA, dec. Himes, MC, 18-16 UTB; Warshel, BM, maj. dec. Connnor, FH, 12-1; Duvall, SJ, pinned Matson, LV, 1:35; L. Shaffer, P, pinned Jeffers, CC, 3:45; Rutter, g, maj. dec. Cramer, MU, 15-2; J. Hicks, T, pinned Pase, WB, 1:39; Polacek, WH, pinned Minerd, U, 1:33; 132–Powers, SJ, pinned McMahon, JV, 1:04; Smith, MV, pinned Himes, B, 1:31; Royer, PV, tech. fall Dunn, WH, 16-0, 4:16; C. Proudfit, PC, maj. dec. D. Noonan, BA, 16-4; Turner, MC, pinned Claycomb, CK, 1:37; Templeton, FH, dec. Weiand, J, 8-5; A. Andrews, BM, dec. Ulery, C, 4-0; Benson, H, pinned N. Shaffer, P, 2:18; 138–Dowling, SJ, pinned Kick, P, :29; Washic, CC, dec. Krug, FH, 6-0; Korenoski, WH, maj. dec. Weaver, T, 14-3; Talko, PC, pinned Kitchen, CH, 2:55; Swab, C, pinned Lichtenfels, BM, 3:13; Feltman, J, maj. dec. Herring, WB, 17-4; Wagner, H, dec. Bailey, SH, 6-4; Beatty, MC, tech. fall Gondek, G, 17-2, 4:06; 145–Caldwell, LV, pinned Harper, BA, :30; Kirkpatrick, CH, pinned Baney, H, 1:31; McMickens, MU, dec. Moore, JO, 8-7; Marko, C, pinned Fry, MC, :41; Dorian, WH, pinned Heister, J, 1:08; Courts, SJ, maj. dec. Kuhn, G, 13-4; Keithley, CK, dec. Link, PC, 7-5; Campbell, SH, won by forfeit over C. Andrews, BM.

152–Law, FH, pinned Brandon, JO, 1:44; E. Yingling, WB, dec. Smychynsky, PC, 9-6; Hud. Holbay, WH, pinned Sleasman, B, 5:14; Wileman, J, pinned Royer, PV, :45; Rothrock, SJ, pinned Deline, H, 2:51; Krause, G, pinned Harris, T, :42; Link, CH, pinned Huskey, LV, 4:27; Todaro, MU, pinned Lingafelt, R, 1:29; 160–D. Yingling, WB, pinned Ulrich, G, 1:51; Allebach, PV, maj. dec. Knode, H, 16-5; Sabol, R, dec. Morgan, MU, 3-0; Stoy, PC, pinned Runk, SH, :13; Col. Sossong, P, maj. dec. Muto, WH, 11-3; Heister, J, tech. fall Krilley, B, 15-0, 3:16; Rosenberger, SJ, pinned Yahner, CH, 3:54; Dale, MV, pinned Rashilla, LV, :43; 170–Patrick, LV, pinned Low, MU, :11; Harr, CK, dec. Demko, MV, 4-2; George, U, dec. Finkle, H, 1-0; Henigin, B, tech. fall Owens, R, 18-3, 4:08; Thompson, CC, pinned Hun. Holbay, WH, :49; Felker, PV, dec. Cantolina, WB, 3-0; Marcozzi, BM, maj. dec. Gority, BA, 13-2; Brown, PC, pinned T. Hicks, T, 3:13; 182–Myers, WB, tech. fall Wirfel, PC, 16-1, 3:51; C. Kitko, MV, pinned Whaley, BA, 3:37; Neil, SH, pinned Rowland, B, :51; Kocik, H, pinned Helfrick, MU, 5:57; Gett, MC, dec. Volelsberger, R, 4-0; Rodgers, FH, pinned Boring, 2:49; Weakland, CH, dec. Dluhos, WH, 2-0; Gabel, J, pinned Davis, P, 1:05; 195–Maxwell, LV, pinned Kennedy-Citeroni, B, 4:33; Wagner, R, pinned Moschgat, WH, :55; Barber, JO, pinned Younker, BA, 1:17; Miller, U, pinned Beaver, JV, 1;14; Dudurich, G, pinned Lewis, T, 1:11; Sankey, WB, pinned Burton, MV, 1:05; Hockenberry, MU, pinned Packer, PV, :39; 220–Walters, BM, maj. dec. Johnston, G, 16-6; Corle, CK, dec. D. Kocher, C, 7-6 UTB; Croft, CC, pinned Black, R, 2:39; Elgin, FH, pinned Thompson, WB, 1:27; Ryan, MU, pinned Willis, SH, 1:02; McDonald, MV, dec. Covalt, PV, 5-4 TB; Yonko, WH, maj. dec. Beatty, MC, 10-1; Fisher, H, pinned Mocek, B, 1:58; 285–Jones, BM, pinned Lucas, PV, 1:28; Shaw, WB, dec. Reed, H, 5-4; Haselrig, JO, dec. Small, B, 3-1; T. Kitko, MV, pinned Hurley, PC, 3:00; Cover, MC, pinned Higgins, LV, :13; Winfield, SH, pinned Arnold, MU, 1:06; Bogus, CH, pinned Pellegrine, BA, 2:43; Martin, CC, pinned Meyers, R, 1:12.


106–Shunk, PV, tech. fall Misiura, G, 19-4, 5:09; Armstrong, MC, maj. dec. Walk, T, 8-0; Beatty, MU, dec. Graham, WB, 8-5; Ohl, SJ, pinned Crouch, C, 2:25; 113–Boozel, MU, pinned Malcolm, BM, 2:59; Bruce, B, dec. Simmons, CH, 9-3; Blackburn, WH, dec. Kauffman, SJ, 6-3; McMillen, G, tech. fall Mills, H, 16-1, 4:11; 120–Witmer, SJ, pinned Mangus, R, 2:20; Daubert, FH, pinned Cor. Sossong, P, :50; Denochick, WB, pinned Kekich, JO, 2:24; Christie, WH, de. Ball, MV, 3-0; 126–Richner, MV, pinned T. Noonan, BA, :56; DuVall, SJ, dec. Warshel, BM, 1-0; Rutter, G, dec. L. Shaffer, P, 6-0; Hicks, T, pinned Polacek, WH, 4:46; 132–Powers, SJ, dec. Smith, MV, 8-4; C. Proudfit, PC, dec. Royer, PV, 2-1; Turner, MC, dec. Templeton, FH, 6-1; Benson, H, dec. A. Andrews, BM, 8-2; 138–Dowling, SJ, dec. Washic, CC, 8-4; Korenoski, WH, dec. Talko, PC, 5-2; Swab, C, tech. fall Feltman, J, 17-2, 4:45; Beatty, MC, pinned Wagner, H, 5:30; 145–Caldwell, LV, pinned Kirkpatrick, CH, :17; Marko, C, dec. McMickens, MU, 5-4; Courts, SJ, dec. Dorian, WH, 3-2; Keithley, CK, pinned Campbell, SH, 3:53

152–Law, FH, tech. fall E. Yingling, WB, 17-1, 4:26; Wileman, J, dec. Hud. Holbay, WH, 3-0; Rothrock, SJ, dec. Krause, G, 2-0; Todaro, MU, tech. fall Link, CH, 17-2, 5:50; 160–D. Yingling, WB, dec. Allebach, PV, 9-2; Stoy, PC, dec. Sabol, R, 7-1; Col. Sossong, P, 5-2; Dale, MV, pinned Rosenberger, SJ, :34; 170–Patrick, LV, pinned Harr, CK, :57; Henigin, B, maj. dec. George, U, 15-5; Felker, PV, dec. Thompson, CC, 3-2; Brown, PC, dec. Marcozzi, BM, 3-1; 182–Myers, WB, pinned C. Kitko, MV, 4:23; Kocik, H, dec. Neil, SH, 3-2; Gett, MC, maj. dec. Rodgers, FH, 12-2; Gabel, J, pinned Weakland, CH, 1:15; 195–Mykut, H, pinned Maxwell, LV, 4:39; Barber, JO, dec. Wagner, R, 7-2; Miller, U, dec. Dudurich, G, 3-1 OT; Hockenberry, MU, dec. Sankey, WB, 6-2; 220–Walters, BM, pinned Corle, CK, 2:55; Elgin, FH, dec. Croft, CC, 3-2 UTB; Ryan, MU, pinned McDonald, MV, 3:12; Fisher, H, pinned Yonko, WH, 3:46; 285–Jones, BM, pinned Shaw, WB, 4:20; Haselrig, JO, dec. T. Kitko, MV, 2-1; Winfield, SH, dec. Cover, MC, 3-2; Martin, CC, dec. Bogus, CH, 1-0.

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