McCoy triumphs at Thomas

BEDFORD — It was a little harder than last year, but Chestnut Ridge returning state champion Justin McCoy was still able to enjoy his third Thomas Chevrolet Tournament title.

McCoy pinned his way to the finals, but he had to go the full six minutes in a 4-1 win over Burrell’s Corey Christie in the championship on Saturday night a full Bedford gymnasium.

“He’s a very tough wrestler. He’s very good at scrambling,” McCoy said. “I know I have to finish fast on him, but I tried to keep going and keep my pace up. He closed the gap, so I’m going to have to keep working harder.”

McCoy was joined in the champions’ photo by teammates Kai Burkett (106) and Jared McGill (170).

The Lions breezed to their fourth straight Thomas title, winning by 61 points, 228.5-166.5, over Greenville.

“I feel great,” Ridge coach Greg Lazor said. “I thought the boys wrestled absolutely excellent. We came in a man short, and we had a couple injuries as well, but I thought the boys had one of the best days they’ve had this season.”

“I thought we did really great fighting for each other,” McCoy said. “We had tons of young guys step up, and people got bonus points when we needed it. There were some upsets, like Kai Burkett. That was a big one that gave us a lot of momentum.”

Everett’s Liam Flaherty (138) finished second, suffering his first loss and being denied his second Thomas title in a wild 13-11 loss to Berlin Brothersvalley’s Tristan Pugh.

Penn Cambria’s Jarred Stoy (160) and Central Cambria’s Nate Martin (285) also lost in the finals. Stoy dropped a 6-3 decision to Greenville’s Josh Christner, and Martin lost, 12-4, to Tri-Valley’s Danny Scheib.

McCoy had majored Christie in two previous bouts this season, but Christie’s defense, especially in scrambles, get the scoring low. McCoy got a takedown with 50 seconds left in the first period, and he reversed in the second for a 4-0 lead.

He released Christie in the second, and there were a couple scrambles that were physical and furious, but no points were scored. McCoy rode the entire third period for the win.

“Christie is tough to score on,” Lazor said, “especially on his feet. He’s a real good scrapper, but I thought McCoy controlled the match and the pace. He looked real good this weekend.”

The freshman Burkett captured the title with a 4-2 win over Mount Pleasant’s second-seeded Damian George in the finals. Burkett knocked off Burrell’s top-seeded Trent Valovchik, 3-2, in the semifinals.

After a scoreless first period, Burkett tilted Valovchik for two points in the second period and tried hard the rest of the period to get another tilt, but his opponent didn’t budge. Valovchik released him in the third with 50 seconds left, and he took Burkett down 15 seconds later. Burkett escaped later and the large Ridge crowd erupted as time ran out.

“I thought Burkett had an awesome tournament,” Lazor said. “He beat the Burrell boys in the semis, and I thought he wrestled really smart in the finals. He was offensive. He was getting some good work with the tilts, and it’s good to see his hard work paying off.”

“It’s pretty exciting,” Burkett said. “I’ve been working on tilts since I was younger, and I can normally get it pretty good. After I turned him, I was pretty happy. My semifinal match was tough.”

McGill, who will be dropping to 160 for the postseason, pinned his way to the finals. There, he won the title with an injury default victory over Athens’ Nate Bradley, who didn’t take the mat because of a knee injury.

“A win is a win,” McGill said. “I was happy I was able to come out on top. Other than the forfeit in the finals, I felt good. I was getting to my shots, turning people on top, getting out on bottom.”

Ridge’s Austin Crouse (182) and Duane Knisely (220) took third, while Nathan Holderbaum (113), Cody Brown (132), Scott Miller (138) finished fourth. Gryphon Callihan (120) and Dalton Seace (285) placed fifth

Flaherty and Pugh combined for five reversals in the first two periods, and they were tied, 7-7, in the third when Flaherty pancaked Pugh to his back for four points. With Flaherty up 11-8, Pugh just missed headlocking Flaherty, who scrambled out of it. After Flaherty’s second blood timeout, he looked like he was getting a takedown, but Pugh rolled through and put Flaherty on his back for five points and the win.

“It was a wild one,” Everett coach Rob Ripple said. “We’ll just say that Liam made a mistake, and I think Liam is going to learn from his mistake. If it’s going to happen, I’m glad it happened here.”

Jefferson-Morgan’s Gavin Teasdale, a Penn State recruit, became the third wrestler in tournament history to win four titles with a 17-5 win over Freedom’s Z.J. Ward. He joined Jefferson-Morgan’s Justin Tracanna in the 1990s and Bedford’s Jonathan Gabriel in 2016 in winning four.

Penn Cambria’s Derek Brown (170) placed third. Finishing fourth were Everett’s Garret Cornell (126) and Macen Akers (152), Penn Cambria’s Brock Talko (138), Central Cambria’s Isaac Thompson (170) and Cambria Heights’ Cody Bogus (285)

Taking fifth were Northern Bedford’s Alex Fouse (152), Tristin Guyer (160), Cambria Heights’ Allen Simmons (113) and Central’s Logan Marko (145).

Finishing sixth were Central Cambria’s Austin Washic (138), John Croft (220), Central’s Ian Crouch (106), Penn Cambria’s Chase Proudfit (126), Northern Bedford’s Chase Eller (145) and Bedford’s Chance Dull (160).

Taking seventh were Cambria Heights’ Seth Link (152) and Ben Yahner (160)

Bedford’s Matt Emerick (120), Tussey Mountain’s Brady Villa (126), Northern Bedford’s Austin Mowry (170).

Cambria Heights’ Tyler Kirkpatrick (145), Bedford’s David Hartman (152), Northern Bedford’s Tyler Wirth (182) and Everett’s Logan Propst (195) were eighth.


1. CR–Chestnut Ridge 228.5; 2. G–Greenville 166.5; 3. BUR–Burrell 161.5; 4. N–Newport 150.5; 5. NS–North Star 133; 6. MP–Mount Pleasant 129; 7. F–Freedom 125; 8. A–Athens 120.5; 9. SF–South Fayette 109; 10. BBV–Berlin Brothersvalley 106.5; 11. PC–Penn Cambria 92.5; 12. CC–Central Cambria 90.5; 13. E–Everett 90; 14. CH–Cambria Heights 82; 15. M–Meyersdale 74; 16. BC–Beth-Center 73.5; 17. JM–Jefferson-Morgan 71.5; 18. TV–Tri-Valley 68; 19. NB–Northern Bedford 65.5; 20. NG–Northern Garrett 58; 21. TM–Tussey Mountain 54.5; 22. C–Central 54; 23. B–Bedford 45.5; 24. HFH–Hope For Hyndman 44; 25. NOS–North Schuylkill 36; 26. CK–Claysburg-Kimmel and S–Somerset 17; 28. CT–Conemaugh Township 0.

Championship Finals

106–Burkett, CR, dec. George, MP, 4-2; 113–Oswalt, BUR, maj. dec. Blose, N, 10-2; 120–Dushek, F, dec. Gelvin, G, 9-2; 126–Teasdale, JM, maj. dec. Ward, F, 17-5; 132–Burkhart, A, dec. Miscovich, MP, 8-2; 138–Pugh, BBV, dec. Flaherty, E, 13-11; 145–Cusick, SF, dec. Lee, BBV, 3-2 UTB

152–McCoy, CR, dec. Christie, BUR, 4-1; 160–Christner, G, dec. Stoy, PC, 6-3; 170–McGill, CR, won by injury default over Bradley, A; 182–Fundy, BC, dec. Schaeffer, TV, 6-2; 195–Calvin, G, dec. Tremain, NS, 3-2; 220–

Third Place

106–Kauffman, N, maj. dec. Brougher, NOS, 13-2; 113–Bittner, MP, dec. N. Holderbaum, CR, 4-0; 120–Dawson, HFH, pinned Bryner, N, 4:04; 126–Horton, A, dec. Cornell, 6-4 OT; 132–Corrado, BUR, dec. Brown, CR, 6-1; 138–Miller, CR, dec. Talko, PC, 2-0; 145–Karpinski, G, dec. Day, NG, 5-3

152–Komara, F, dec. Akers, E, 4-2; 160–Gates, BUR, dec. Galasso, A, 5-2; 170–Brown, PC, maj. dec. Thompson, CC, 12-2; 182–Crouse, CR, dec. Sheeler, NS, 5-3; 195–Herr, N, won by injury default over Miller, F; 220–Knisely, CR, dec. Augustine, NS, 3-1 OT; 285–Vokes, MP, dec. Bogus, CH, 3-2 UTB

Fifth Place

106–Valovchik, BUR, tech. fall Crouch, C, 18-2, 4:59; 113–Simmons, CH, dec. Blough, NOS, 2-0; 120–Callihan, CR, de. Dunn, SF, 9-2; 126–Gaul, BUR, dec. Proudfit, PC, 2-1; 132–Belcher, BBV, dec. Broadwater, M, 5-1; 138–Brinsky, SF, dec. Washic, CC, 5-1; 145–Marko, C, dec. Eller, NB, 8-6

152–Fouse, NB, dec. Capozzoli, N, 4-3; 160–T. Guyer, NB, dec. Dull, B, 5-2; 170–Mele, BUR, dec. Krause, M, 7-6; 182–Rode, N, pinned Beaulieu, NG, 1:28; 195–Baker, BC, maj. dec. Charlesworth, MP, 9-1; 220–Walker, SF, dec. Croft, CC, 3-1; 285–Seace, CR, won by injury default over Stephens, M.

Seventh Place

106–Locke, NOS, maj. dec. Poarch, A, 21-8; 113–Shaffer, BBV, dec. Smeltzer, G, 2-0; 120–Emerick, B, dec. Lange, JM, 4-1; 126–Villa, TM, dec. Gonzalez, N, 8-4; 132–Agnew, JM, dec. Schultheis, F, 6-5; 138–Bilonick, JM, pinned Sweet, A, 3:31; 145–Housel, BC, maj. dec. Kirkpatrick, CH, 18-4

152–Link, CH, pinned Hartman, B, 2:37; 160–Yahner, CH, dec. Dedi, SF, 4-2; 170–Mowry, NB, won by injury default over Walker, JM; 182–Bastaroli, SF, dec. Wirth, NB, 2-1; 195–Propst, E, won by injury default over Kurchena, SF; 220–Slahtovsky, BUR, pinned Fasano, MP, 1:51; 285–Weitz, NOS, won by injury default over Franklin, SF.


1. CR–Chestnut Ridge; 2. A–Athens; 3. F–Freedom and N–Newport 142; 5, BUR–Burrell 135.5; 6. E–Everett 122.5; 7. G–Greenville 116; 8. CC–Central Cambria and MU–Mount Union 108; 10. C–Central 102; 11. NOS–North Schuylkill 94; 12. NS–North Star 87.5; 13. S–Somerset 83; 14. B–Bedford 79.5; 15. BBV–Berlin Brothersvalley 78; 16. PC–Penn Cambria 73.5; 17. BC–Beth-Center 73; 18. CH–Cambria Heights 72; 19. SF–South Fayette 71; 20. NG–Northern Garrett 69; 21. TV–Tri-Valley 66; 22. M–Meyersdale 63.5; 23. MP–Mount Pleasant 60; 24. NB–Northern Bedford 58; 25. JM–Jefferson Morgan 54; 26. CK–Claysburg-Kimmel 32; 27. CT–Conemaugh Township 18; 28. TM–Tussey Mountain 8.