Spring Cove board creating AD-only job

ROARING SPRING — Spring Cove School District is slated to get a dedicated athletic director, two years after the school board voted to eliminate the job and merge it with an assistant principal’s position.

The board voted 5-4 Tuesday to split the job off, creating a new role and reducing the Central High School assistant principal’s job from 220 days per year to 205. The jobs had been combined since 2015, when the board dismissed then-director Chuck Gojmerac and gave both roles to Stephanie Thompson.

Thompson, who works at the high school, will be able to dedicate more of her time to education, Superintendent Betsy Baker said after the meeting. The athletic role takes up several hours each day, she said.

In 2015, at least one board member raised concerns that combining the jobs would put too much pressure on a single administrator, noting that few districts in the region have done so. But on Tuesday, Baker and board President Brian Gahagan declined to characterize the double job as a failure.

“The vast majority of (Thompson’s) job is her athletic responsibilities,” Gahagan said.

Baker said the new athletic job would likely take a few hours each day, with the new hire slated to be paid $100 per day for a 180-day-per-year role — equaling about an $18,000 salary.

The expense of the new job would be offset by the reduction in Thompson’s working days as well as the elimination of other support jobs, Baker said.

Whoever the hire is, “I think they have to be totally flexible,” Baker told the board.

The board held two 5-4 votes on the issue, one to reduce the assistant principal’s role and the other to create the new job. Members Mary Smith, James Smith, Harold Blattenberger and Christine Gojmerac voted against both motions.

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