PSU a couple of years

I have very mixed emotions about my expectations for Penn State this season.

I am hanging onto James Franklin’s every word about what he expects from the Nittany Lions this season. They are filled with positives, and this team can go far.

And then the world of reality brings me back to ground zero.

I want to see this team in his first year overcome the lack of experience concerning the offensive line. The talent is there. Can they mature quickly using the first four games as their base? Can Linebacker U. stay healthy and develop depth? Will the young receiver corps develop quickly? And the special teams with focus on the kickers?

There are many unknowns at this point.

Anything concerning the above could surprise me and meet my expectations for a solid season, say 8-4 or maybe 9-3.

But my gut feel tells me because of the scholarship sanctions, I reluctantly have to go with 7-5 at best or 6-6 at worse.

With major injuries to key players, it could be even worse. In short, my real-world expectations for 2014 tells me it will be 2016 before blue skies and sunshine shine big time with a shot at the Big Ten title.

However, my expectations for the NCAA lifting the bowl sanctions are more positive. The George Mitchell report will show all criteria have been met by Penn State University, and it is time to lift bowl sanctions for the 2014 season.

Les Hart, Duncansville