BG’s record-setting McGhee looks to dominate again

Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic’s Alyssa McGhee was a goal-scoring machine last season, and the bad news for opposing teams is she’s back for her junior season.

McGhee set a PIAA record with 78 goals last season – to go with her 36 assists – and she already has 137 career goals, which ranks her 16th all-time on the state goal-scoring list. She was, by the way, No. 1 in the nation for points and goals, according to MaxPreps.

BG sophomores Kierra Miller, a defender, and midfielder-forward Delaney Myrick (33 goals), both of whom were Mirror first-team all-stars, also return for a team that went 18-2 and was a District 6 Class A runner-up.

“We should have good leadership and presence from the returning core,” BG coach Harry McGhee said. “Overall, the knowledge and playing experience the team has should enable us to develop as a team and be consistent on the field executing high-level plays.”

Other Mirror first-team all-stars returning are Bedford’s Paige Diehl, Devon Layton, Hollidaysburg’s Emily Brown, Altoona’a Kierra Irwin, Moshannon Valley’s Wynter Adams, Great Commission’s Kyrstin Johnson, Tyrone’s Carrie Vance and Bishop Carroll’s Paisley Zatek.

Hollidaysburg has been a District 6 Class AAA runner-up the past two seasons, and with a bunch of returners from last year’s 14-6 team, the Lady Tigers should be a favorite to make the finals again.

The following are the capsules of the teams that responded to the Mirror’s preseason form:


Coach: Tony Lang, second season

Career record: 8-8-2

Last year’s record: 8-8-2

League: Independent

Returning starters: Seniors-Michaela Bryan, striker; Karlee Fink, def; Brooklyn Haugh, def-mid; Andy Ketcham, mid; Molly Malone, goal. Juniors-Kierra Irwin, mid; Julie Reighard, mid-def. Sophomores-Eva Aveni, def; Paris Haugh, striker; Mykenah Lynn-Massar, mid; Megan Vigne, mid.

Other returnees: Senior-Brittany Rovatsos, mid. Sophomore-Alicia Carper, goal-def.

Newcomers: Junior-Imani Vaughn. Sophomores-Leah Dreibelbis; Mackenzie Kuhns; Jim Mencer; Sarah Schmitt, Haylie Trude. Freshmen-Lilly Hamer, Cierra Rhodes, Madison Schmitt, Julia Sunderland, Jennifer Worley

Strengths: “Strong group of returning players with a lot of experience playing together in high school and throughout club ball. Strong defense with explosive offensive threats.”

Concerns: “Many young players will be stepping in to many roles to help the team achieve its goals.”

Overall outlook: “Strong potential, looks to increase wins from last year and vie for a shot at a District 6 championship.”

Assistant coach: Bill Stratton


Coach: Barrett Schrock, fifth season

Career record: 53-38-5

Last year’s record: 9-7-2

League: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Paige Diehl; Taylor Easter; Katie Fleener; Alayna Hammond; Kelsey Koontz; Devon Layton; Megan Ooghe. Juniors-Jordan Eisaman; Alyssa Turkovich. Sophomore-Katie Querry.

Other players: Seniors-Jessica Hershberger, Hanna Meyers; Jackie Tew. Junior-Kayla Dawson. Sophomore-Amelia Beland; Makayla Compton; Erin Duffus; Shannon Easter; Emily Malinowski; Freshmen-Brooke Diehl; Alexis Hammond; Emily Martz; Gabby May; Claudia Milburn; Megan Oyler; Allison Pittman; Hope Snavely; Madi Suder; Allison Tracy.

Strengths: “Our biggest strength is our experience. We have a lot of seniors and returning starters.”

Overall outlook: “With the number of returning players with varsity experience and some strong newcomers to this year’s lineup, we should be solid on both sides of the ball. If we can add some offensive production to the solid defensive system that we built last fall, we should be a dangerous team heading into the postseason.”

Assistant coaches: Paul Kendall, Joe Krupa, Jarrod Easter

Bishop Carroll

Coach: Lou Ann Reckner, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: 8-11

League: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Carrie D’Andrea, for; Kelly Deskevich, def; Jaime Witham, goal; Paisley Zatek, for. Juniors-Rebecca Kwisnek, mid; Lee Sammarco, mid; Taylor Sherry, for.

Other returnees: Seniors-Alexandria Dvorchak, def; Alyssa Johnstone, def; Lauryn Maykovich, mid; Madilyn Serenko, mid; Kimberly Sheridan, def. Juniors-Lexi Billetdeaux, for; Taylor Clark, mid; Jordan Wenturine, def. Sophomores-Lydia Noel, mid-goal.

Newcomers: Junior-Faith Dumm, def. Freshmen-Lauren Dvorchak, def; Grace Hoppel, for-mid; Megan Kwisnek, mid; Noelle Scanlan, def; George Sherry, for-mid; Jessica Smith, mid; Allison Smith, mid; Anne Way, def; Sierra Wilkie, def.

Strengths: “Seven returning starters make for a good core group to work with, especially with one of them being a goalkeeper and two others being the leading scorers for the team.”

Concerns: “From everything I have heard, losing Maria Schall to injuries as a starting defender will be a great loss to the team, but I am confident with the depth of the team that we will find a suitable replacement. Her positive attitude and guidance from the bench will be a great encouragement to the other girls.”

Overall outlook: “I am very optimistic about the coming year and working with the girls. Hopefully I can help them realize their potential and help them accomplish their goals.”

Assistant coaches: Gabby Bilchak, Aaron Kirsch

Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic

Coach: Harry McGhee, fourth season

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 18-2

League: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Delaney Hallinan, mid; Jessica Rudolph, def; Maria Ruggery, mid. Juniors-Alyssa McGhee, for; Mikayla Mignogna, mid; Aalea Moore, mid. Sophomores-Jordan DeLeo, for; Kierra Miller, def; Delaney Myrick, for; Madison Ruston, def.

Newcomers: Seniors-Mary Catherine Morning, for; Alyssa Trybus, mid. Sophomores-Ciara Consiglio, mid; Lauren Montecalvo, mid; Karis Taddei, goal-mid. Freshmen-Kyra Kelly, def; Alyssa Kolbfleisch, mid; Genevieve Timm, def.

Strengths: “Game experience and strong technical skill-set.”

Concerns: “Still somewhat of a young team and consistently playing 80 minutes of possession soccer.”

Overall outlook: “We should have good leadership and presence from the returning core. Overall, the knowledge and playing experience the team has should enable us to develop as a team and be consistent on the field executing high-level plays.”

Assistant coaches: Michael Drass, Erin Allison

Cambria Heights

Coach: Andrea Wharton, fifth season

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 5-13

League: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Bethany Gray, def-goal; Ashley Morchesky, mid. Juniors-Elle Cordell, mid; Megan Dillon, mid; Taylor Forsythe, for; Agnes Hoover, def; Cortney Hoover, mid; Cassidy Hunt, def-mid; Sarah Patrick, for. Sophomores-Lauren Gill, goal-def; Ashley Koegler, mid.

Newcomers: Junior-Selena Waltman, def. Freshmen-Olivia Biletdeaux, Mackenzie Blake, Tatum Blake, Jordan Churhran, Ashley Eckenrode, Emma Garrison, Jade Henry, Jessica Soltis, Mikayla Sopata

Strengths: “Number of returning players that have experience playing at the varsity level. Number of new players, allowing our team to get some JV games.”

Concerns: “With so many freshmen, they know the game, but they just need the experience to go with playing at a high school/varsity level.”

Overall outlook: “We look to be competitive within the Laurel Highlands.”

Assistant coach: Erin Hoover


Coach: Brian Campbell, second season

Career record: 1-16-1

Last year’s record: 1-16-1

League: Mountain League

Returning starters: Senior-Brianna Shriver. Juniors-Kyra Larson, Mackenzie Manherz.

Newcomers: Senior-Grace Andre. Sophomores-Hannah Johnston, Skye Oakes. Freshmen-Meghan Flaugh, Kirsten Laird, Cassie Mock, Olivia Smith

Strengths: “We have a good combination of skill, speed and athleticism. They are willing to do what is best for the team.”

Concerns: “Experience. We need some game experience as a team to reach our full potential.”

Overall outlook: “Postive. I look forward to seeing the strides this team makes throughout the season. They want to succeed.”

Central Cambria

Coach: Brian Wicker II, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: NA

League: Laurel Higlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Jill Bracken, for; Rachel Pinkowski, mid. Junior-Michelle Hildebrand, def.

Newcomers: Freshmen-Lexi Peterson, mid; Mary Beth Woods, mid.

Strengths: “Strengths and concerns need not apply since we have not yet played a game under myself yet.”

Overall outlook: “I feel that we are a much-improved team due to our incoming talent, as well as a better system of play.”

Assistant coach: Devin Shaner


Coach: Rom Kalinauskas

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 9-8-1

League: Sideling Hill

Returning starters: Seniors-Makayla Foor, def; Aarika Price, mid. Juniors-Jessica Appel, def; Tessa Hershberger, def. Sophomores-Abby Johnson, mid-goal; Kristen Mills, off.

Other returnees: Juniors-Sarah Finnegan, off; Kayla Kimmel, def; Leah Oakley, off. Sophomores-Erica Burkholder, def.; Cailyn Mearkle, mid; Annika Meloy, def; Maria Shaw, def.

Newcomers: Crendy Bridges, Makayla Donahoe, Brittany Ewing, Olivia Horton, Stacey Suter, Mariah Tewell

Strengths: “Our primary strength will be our experience. The majority of our defensive players have returned, and we have acquired a good group of freshmen with some soccer knowledge.”

Concerns: “Staying healthy seems to be our primary concern this year. Already we are experiencing strains and sprains.”

Overall outlook: “Our hopes are to improve with each game, gaining more experience and soccer wisdom as the season progresses and to succeed in the playoffs.”

Assistant coaches: Lisa Miller, Nora Kalinauskas

Great Commission

Coach: Gayle Johnson, 14th season

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 12-2-3

League: Allegany Christian Athletic Association

Returning starters: Seniors-Sarah Clark, goal; Kyrstin Johnson, center mid; Adrienne Krather, right striker; Lyndsey Longstreth, right def. Junior-Megan Stuart, left striker. Sophomores-Abbey Mills, mid; Mara Pepper, center def.

Other players: Seniors-Emily Noel; Hannah Kennedy; Alyssa Wertman. Junior-Casey Detwiler. Sophomore-Sydney Neil. Freshmen-Heleigh Hatfield; Lauran Longstreth. Eighth grade-Noelle Bracken, Sarah Noel

Strengths: “Some strong leadership with our seniors.”

Concerns: “Lost some depth down the middle of the field.”

Overall outlook: “I have a lot of seniors that are focused on their goal of going far in the ACAA Tournament. So, I know they have been working hard in the offseason. So, we are hopeful for a good season.”

Assistant coaches: Whitney Johnson, Tyler Pepper


Coach: Dave Soellner, seventh season

Career record: 77-37-1

Last year’s record: 14-6

League: Independent

Returning starters: Seniors-Emily Brown, mid; Caroline Ellis, def; Abbey Nebelski, for; Farrah Younes, def; Juniors-Hannah Madara, mid; Tori Surma, def.

Other returnees: Senior-Laura Horne, goal. Juniors-Tia Biesinger, def; Erica Lindsey, mid; Sam Parnell, def; Lauren Singer, def. Sophomore-Casey Martin

Newcomers: Senior-Hannah Civils, def. Junior-Sophia Lemtouni, for. Sophomores-McKenna Hurd, for; Katie Jennings, mid; Nina Macvean, mid. Freshmen-Madison Faith, def; Maura Gildea, def; Katie Marks, for; Cameron O’Connor, mid; Julia Riggle, mid; Sydney Routch, def; Mandy Sky, for; Ryan Shade, mid; Kristin Singer, def; Kathryn Swope, mid; Taylor Valente, goal; Piper Wadlinger, goal; Oliva Wright, def.

Strengths: “Having a lot of girls coming back from last year that know the game and a lot of talented freshmen that will make an immediate, positive impact.”

Concerns: “Staying healthy and staying focused.”

Overall outlook: “Keep improving every week and be in every game to win it.”

Assistant coaches: Rick Madara, Crystal Stephens, Lauren Azeles


Coach: Anita Young, third season

Career record: 22-14 at Huntingdon; 64-55-4, seventh season overall

Last year’s record: 12-6

League: Mountain League

Returning starters: Senior-Rachel Fleming, for. Junior-Arial Monica, def. Sophomore-Samantha Roth, mid.

Other returnees: Senior-Olivia Kruse, def. Junior-Kate Thurston, mid. Sophomore-Kim Stratton, def.

Newcomers: Senior-Charlotte Yelnosky, goal. Sophomore-Kylie Shea, def. Freshmen-Grace Cook-Huffman, mid-def; Heather Gutshall, for; Jordan Hawkins, mid; Kaitlyn Kelsey, mid.; Katie Shultz, goal.

Strengths: “Quick transitions from defending to attacking and speed up top. Many players attending camp in very good shape.”

Concerns: “Still trying to place players in the right position. There are many spots to fill from last season. Defending as a team and young players.

Overall outlook: “We had a large loss of seniors from last year, but will look to get some experience to our new players. We will look to be a very competitive team in the Mountain League again. We will have some quick speed up top and smart new players that will allow us to put some goals up. As we begin to train together, our group defending and attacking will come together.”

Assistant coach: Lindsey Kauffman

Moshannon Valley

Coach: Matt Kephart, second season

Career record: 9-8-1

Last year’s record: 9-8-1

League: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors-Wynter Adams, mid-strike; Kaleigh Domanick, def; Julie Stillman, mid-def. Juniors-Jennie Iraca, def; Brittany Oliver, goal. Sophomores-Autumn Adams, strike-mid; Emily Harsomchuck, def.

Other returnee: Alexis Vadeboncoeur.

Newcomers: Senior-Emily Smith, goal-def. Sophomore-Tapenga Timblin, mid-def. Freshmen-Bryanna Bowser, def; Michaela Kitko, def-mid; Mackenzie Lansberry, mid; Elaina McClelland, mid-striker; Bailee McGlynn, strike-mid; Abbie Stanton, def-mid.

Strengths: “We have a core group of girls with a great work ethic that play soccer year-round. We’re motivated to build on last year’s winning season, the first in school history.”

Concerns: “Living up to our own expectations.”

Overall outlook: “Optimistic and looking to build on last year’s progress.”

Assistant coach: Frank Stillman

Penn Cambria

Coach: Jessica Burlingame, third season

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 3-14-1

League: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors-Kasey Creehan, mid; Sophia Funari, def; Sarah Westin. Juniors-Abby Harvey, mid; Melinda Novak, mid; Kaeli Smith, for. Sophomores-Emily Diehl, def; Jordan Novak, def.

Other returnees: Seniors-Kayla Cully, def; Kaci Paul, mid; Junior-Stephanie Seymore, for. Sophomores-Taylor Brown, def; Anna Razo, for; Miya Trice, mid.

Newcomers: Freshmen-Jenna Gailey, Lacey Lumadue, Samantha Mohney, Myah Smith. Junior-Kaley Strittmatter. Sophomore-Ireland Pelletier, Aundria Stouffer.

Strengths: “We have great leadership through senior captains Kasey Creehan and Sophia Funari.”

Concerns: “Staying healthy and capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities.”

Overall outlook: “The team has a great attitude and will be focusing on playing smart, possession-oriented soccer.”

Assistant coach: Pamela Kenawell


Coach: Kristina McKenna, third season

Career record: NA

Last year’s record: 7-10

League: Mountain League

Returning starters: Juniors-Jordyn Bertothy, mid; Cheyanne Cowfer, striker-def; Makenzie Myers, goal-mid. Sophomores-Maggie Peck, def-striker

Other returnees: Junior-Abby Slogosky, striker-mid. Sophomore-Lydia Shively, striker-mid.

Newcomers: Junior-Celena Garcia, striker-mid. Sophomores-Emily Miller, mid-def. Freshmen-Kylee Bartley, mid; Jayde Burge, def; Jordan Day, def; Loryn Hughes, mid; Kyra James, mid; Keara Krause, def.

Strengths: “The 2014 Lady Mounties soccer team is made up of very athletic and dedicated young women who show an excellent chemistry on the field.”

Concerns: “We are a young team, but a group that is dedicated to performing well this season.”

Overall outlook: “Although we graduated a whopping 10 seniors last year, we look forward to a large group of talented newcomers. The girls work hard and have excellent chemistry on the field. I look forward to what this very special season had in store for the Lady Mounties.”

Assistant coaches: Leslie Long