Area powers hope to keep momentum

Bedford lost most of its players from last year’s PIAA semifinalist squad, but the Bisons will welcome back Mirror first-teamer Vaughn Robison and coach Jeff Thomas expects his younger players to step up to the next level and keep Bedford competitive.

Chestnut Ridge, the District 5 Class A runners-up, welcome back most of last year’s squad including Mirror first-teamer Sean Van Meter, and fellow runners-up in their districts, Tyrone and Hollidaysburg, bring back Nic Mallory and Eric Miller respectively.

Philipsburg-Osceola, which entered districts as the sixth seed and upset the Golden Eagles in the final, welcomes back the vast majority of its team including Mirror first-teamer Wyatt Inlow.

The only other returning first-teamer will be playing for Central. Eric Trexler helped the Dragons improve from 1-13 in their first varsity season to 7-10 a year ago, and Central is hoping for continued improvement in 2014.

The following is a capsulized look at the teams in the Mirror’s coverage area.


Coach: Dave Alexander, 20th year

League: None

Last year’s record: 11-7

Returning starters: Seniors-Chad Allender, md.; Nick Thomas, def.; Ryan Good, mid.. Juniors-Caleb Marasco, mid.; Jimmy Luciano, mid. Sophomores-Jake Deterline, keeper; Leroy Henry, def.; Matt Cowan, mid.

Other returnees: Seniors-Zack Brower, def.; Martin Bradley, def.; Malachi Hamilton, def. Junior-Joe Cox, for.; Sophomore-Evan Cardoza, mid.

Newcomers: Senior-Artyr Rose, for. Freshmen-Michael Bartley, def.; Josh Long, def.; Nick Fink, mid.; Jesse Hamilton, mid.; Mitchell Malone, mid.; Jarod Marasco, mid.; Dominic Rice, mid.; Christian Schandelmeier, mid.; Jarrett Schmidhamer, mid.; Nate Thomas, mid.

Strengths: “Experience, midfield depth and overall work ethic.”

Concerns: “Overall size and goal scoring.”

Overall outlook: “If we can find ways to score goals and stay healthy at certain positions, we should have a good season.”

Assistant coaches: Dave McCarter, Travis Young

Junior high coaches: Pat McDowell, Dave Holton


Coach: Jeff Thomas, fourth year

Career record: 59-5-4

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year’s record: 20-1-2

Returning starters: Senior-Vaughn Robison, def. Juniors-Alex Kendall, def.; Josh Grimes, mid.; William Kachman, mid.

Other players: Seniors-Noah Winesickle, Levi Felix, Logan Myslinski, Brandon Ahlfeld. Juniors-Jacob Dull, Dominick Tursich, Cody Eisaman, Cody Rinehart, Jake Barron, Kyle Leighty, Jonathan Gabriel, Henry Vachun, Keegan Wallack, Jeffrey Kidd, Zane Baker. Sophomores-Reggie Duffus, Austin Bussard, Logan Tew, Willie Bonn, Kenny Wareham, Ross Duffus, Grant Sisk, Gus Pyle, Grant Browell. Freshmen-Cameron Sheeder, Aaron Browell, Casey Johnson, Brandon Hershberger, Logan Rinehart, Jess Hampton

Strengths: “We have a great group of kids willing to learn the game.”

Concerns: “We need the new guys to step up to the next level.”

Bishop Carroll

Coach: Nick Damin, 11th year

Career record: 58-122-6

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year’s record: 10-7, 8-6 in LHAC

Returning starters: Seniors-Ed Hegemann, def.; Matt Bartoletti, def.; Austin Feathers, def.; Nick Lutz, mid.; Matt Karlheim, striker. Juniors-Mitchell Hogue, keeper; Cole Crusciel, mid.; Nate Krug, mid.

Other returnees: Juniors-Ale Lee, striker; C.J. Wiewiora, mid.; Jonathan Brethhauer, def.; Jeffrey Barnett, keeper; Evan Rieg, mid. Sophomores-Ryan Witham, def.; Ryan Karlheim, striker; Nathan Burk, striker; Dakota Paul, striker; Patrick Link, def.

Newcomers: Freshmen-Drew Crusciel, keeper; Issac Omady, mid.; Chris Goodbird, def.; John Hegemann, def.; Dylan Kopnicky, def.; Jared Delauter, striker; Angelo Caruba, mid.

Strengths: “Our senior leadership should lead the way along with a deep understanding of how to play the game.”

Concerns: “We need to stay healthy as we do not return a great deal of experience beyond our starting lineup.”

Overall outlook: “We expect to be highly competitive for a deep district playoff run.”

Assistant coaches: Jade Zatek, David Romani, Pat Hegemann, Michael Pyo

Bishop Guilfoyle

Coach: Alan Gburek, first year

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Returning starters: Juniors-Alex Gburek, mid.; Jacob Dillen, for.

Other returnees: None

Newcomers: Seniors-Jared Barber, Collin Berkheimer, Jordan Rhone, Joe Dombrowski, Derek Cursio. Juniors-Ben McConnell, Jacob Kurtz, Jim Burke. Freshmen-Tyler Berkheimer, Tyler Glunt, Noah Brunhuber, Nick Scaramozinno, Tyler Rumbaugh

Strengths: “Attitude and approach to the game. We had a very successful first week of preseason with our fitness and ball skills improving dramatically over the first nine practices. Another week of two-a-days will benefit this team greatly and prepare them for the season.”

Concerns: “Only our returning players and a few newcomers have recent soccer experience. My biggest concern is lack of game experience.”

Overall outlook: “Every day at practice I see this team improving. This group of players could have an extremely successful season if they continue to develop at this rate. There is no telling what this season will bring.”

Cambria Heights

Coach: Ken Kerchenske, third year

Career record: 13-20-3

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year’s record: 6-11, 4-9 in LHAC

Returning starters: Seniors-Justin Shaner, striker; Zachary Stoltz, def.; Zachary Lieb, mid.-def.; Jonathan Galinis, mid.-keeper; Austin Duclos, def.

Other returnees: Senior-Brandon Soltis, mid. Juniors-Patrick Huber, keeper; Calem Illig, def.; Andrew Savering, mid. Sophomores-Tyler Scott, mid.; Ryan Thomas, def.; Matthew Weimert, striker

Newcomers: Juniors-Zane Murphy, def.; Brad O’Hara, def. Freshmen-Adam Bobak, def.; Eric Carpinello, def.; Alexander Diamond, def.-striker; Caleb Duclos, def.-mid.; Paul Kinney, keeper; Cody Patterson, striker-mid.; Corbin Shutty, def.; Mason Stanley, def.

Strengths: “This year’s seniors are eager to lead and have been working hard in the offseason to prepare. We have eight freshmen who are dedicated and competing to see varsity time.”

Concerns: “Having graduated 21 seniors in the past two years, many starting positions are open and will be filled by first-time starters. We will need to continually improve throughout the season as we settle into our roles.”

Overall outlook: “As a young team, we will get better with each game and be competitive in a tough Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference.”

Assistant coaches: Adam Strasser, Robert Diamond, Mike Strasser

Junior high coaches: Scott Krug, Dylan Maurer


Coach: Randy Trexler, third year

Career record: 8-23

League: Mountain League

Last year’s record: 7-10, 6-8 in ML

Returning starters: Eric Trexler, Caleb Stern, Zach Johnston, Jacob Mellott, Dalton Musselman

Other returnees: Matthew Knauss, Gavin Northern, Michael Madden

Newcomers: Isaac Johnston, A.J. Laufle, Karim Roye-Muinos, Jason (Minseo) Kim

Strengths: “There is more confidence in the midfield players and defensive backs this year.”

Concerns: “Senior Eric Trexler and junior Caleb Stern will be relied upon to lead their team to a successful year. If healthy, we will once again post an improved program record”

Overall outlook: “In its third year, the boys soccer program is trying to achieve that .500 win percentage which will open the door for the district playoff tournament.”

Central Cambria

Coach: Brian Reynolds, eighth year

Career record: 41-78-3

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year’s record: 4-14, 3-11 in LHAC

Returning letterwinners: Seniors-Dylan Coposky, mid.; Perez Youmbi, mid.-striker; Jonah Lambie, def.; Adam Farabaugh, mid.-striker; Mark Pavic, mid.-striker; Josh Belsterling, keeper-def. Juniors-Justin Meckley, mid.-striker; Sam Caplea, mid.; Jeremy Ford, def.; Nathan Belsterling, def. Sophomore-Wyatt Coposky, keeper-def.

Other returnees: Senior-Michael Grubb, def.-mid. Junior-Dalton Connor, def. Sophomores-Mathew Flowers, mid.-striker; Jacob McClaughlin, mid.; Connor Dubuque, mid.

Newcomers: Seniors-Cameron Hoffman, mid.-striker; Ty Gilkey, mid.-striker. Juniors-Stephen Marhefka, def.; Braden Hoffman, keeper-def. Sophomore-Tyler Toth, def. Freshmen-Jarrett Brown, def.; Noah Harties, def.; Isaac Elkin, mid.; Noah Gibson, mid.; John Belsterling, def.-mid; Mike Lorditch, def.-mid.; Alex Koeingsburg, keeper-def.; Zac Shoff, mid.; Luke Lockard, def.; John Soyka, def.

Strengths: “Strong group of seniors led by Perez Youmbi, Jonah Lambie and Adam Farabaugh that are eager to work hard and put time in to improve the team.”

Concerns: “Not having a junior high program that helps with the basic fundamentals of soccer, staying healthy and focused.”

Overall outlook: “I believe a leader will be found in one of the area’s best midfielders, Perez Youmbi, which will elevate our play as a team and with his fellow seniors’ help, we will accomplish our goals of winning our section in the LHAC, a winning record and a return trip to the playoffs.”

Assistant coaches: Gary Cirelli

Chestnut Ridge

Coach: Dave Van Meter, second year

Career record: 20-2

League: Sideling Hill League

Last year’s record: 20-2, 20-0 in Sideling Hill

Returning starters: Seniors-Brandon Conrad, Jordan Crist, Bradley Frankenberry, Derek Gardner, Seth Gordon, Luke Hobson, Nicholas Hyde, Jacob Miksich, Sean Van Meter, Caleb Whisker, Robert White. Juniors-Aaron Burkett, Cole Fungaroli.

Other returnees: Juniors-Cody Baker, Colten Parrish. Sophomores-Corey Amick, Seth Black, Ean Flick, Adam Frankenberry, Nicholas Knoster, Ethan Sprigg, Dylan Williams.

Newcomers: Freshmen-Tyler Mangold, Ty Maxwell, Colt McDonald

Strengths: “This team has 11 seniors that have played together on club and varsity teams for several years. The players are fast and mature. We have quality assistant coaches.”

Concerns: “We want to be confident but not over confident. We ar ehoping the team is able to play every game with desire and passion for the game.”

Overall outlook: “We have a positive outlook due to continuing development of club teams and playing year round. We are increasing the view that this team can be a winner.”

Assistant coaches: Dan Crist, Jeff Crist, Doug Frankenberry, Perci Fungaroli, J.B. Whisker


Coach: Brad Zembower, second year

Career record: 4-12-1

League: Sideling Hill League

Last year’s record: 4-12-1

Returning starters: Seniors-Mitchell Kovel, mid.-def.; Zach Mearkle, keeper; Seth Mantia, striker. Juniors-Cruise Moen, def.; Kevin Knox, def.; Tanner Sipes, mid.-striker. Sophomores-Devin Weaver, def.; Jacob Kegg, mid.-striker; Dustin Mallow, mid.

Other returnees: Juniors-Billy Hood, def.-mid.; Wesley Snider, mid.-striker; Dalton Klotz, mid.-striker, def.; Chris Marinelli, mid.-def. Sophomores-Jesse Wyns, def.-mid; Joseph Koontz, keeper

Newcomers: Seniors-Jacob Logue, mid.-def.-striker; Mac Bair, def.-mid.; Ryan Hess, def.-mid. Freshmen-Harry Beckner, def.-mid; Cameron Hauze, mid.-striker; Alex Calhoun, mid.-striker; Bradley Knepp, def.-keeper; Mike Jasper, mid.-def.; Bailey Foor, mid.-striker.

Strengths: “Solid group of returning players, good team chemistry, and we have a handful of skilled freshmen that are joining the varsity squad this year which will give us greater depth as a team.”

Concerns: “We need to define who we are as a unit and keep our shape in defense.”

Overall outlook: “I’m looking for more of an offensive presence from our team this year. I think we have the ability to put more balls in the back of the net and win more games than we did last year.”

Assistant coach: Jared McDonald

Junior high coach: Andy Clingerman

Great Commission

Coach: Scott Hildbrand, 16th year

League: Allegheny Christian Athletic Association

Last year’s record: 9-7-1, 5-0-1 in division

Returning starters: Seniors-Caleb Holton, mid.; Skyler Sloter, striker. Juniors-Tobin Mills, def.; Chad Volk, mid.; Trevor Hoover, def. Sophomore-Ben Oakley, striker. Freshmen-Aaron Bracken, def.; Creed Conway, mid. Eighth grader-Josh Stuart, mid.

Other returnees: Senior-Josh Shannon, def. Junior-Christian DeMarsico, keeper. Sophomore-Mason Cover, mid. Freshmen-Hans Garman, mid.; Aaron Benson, mid. Eighth grader-Mitchell Longstreth, mid.

Newcomers: Sophomores-Josiah Peace, def.; Nicholas Willet, mid.

Strengths: “We have many returning starters and several strong younger players.”

Concerns: “We need to replace last season’s top scorer and starting goaltender.”

Overall outlook: “We anticipate to be strong in our division and have a chance to make the A.C.A.A. championship tournament.”

Assistant coach: Travis Weyandt


Coach: Craig Shale, 11th year

Career record: 124-58-5

League: None

Last year’s record: 14-6

Returning starters: Seniors-Eric Miller, mid.; Collin Terchanik, mid.; Hunter Marks, mid.; Elliott Riggle, mid.; Blake Walter, keeper; Joe Gualdoni, def. Juniors-Noah Kustenbauder, mid.; Zach Viduya, def.

Other returnees: Senior-Rommy Obeid, mid. Junior-Josh Cobler, def. Sophomores-Christian Kendziora, mid.; Austin Burkett, def.

Newcomers: Seniors-Josh Hanlon, mid. Sophomores-Kieran Miles, mid.; Brady Manners, mid.; Adam Rosenbaum, def.

Strengths: “We have eight returning starters. There is a good sense of teamwork within the group. We have creative players in the midfield and are solid at the back. We should still be a good possession type team as in past years.”

Concerns: “Goals. We have lost some outstanding goal scorers the last couple of seasons. We will need several players to step up and fill the void.”

Overall outlook: “Looking forward to another good season. Making it to the District 6 championship is a reachable goal. It’s just a case of which players are going to step up during the season.”

Assistant coach: Don Tantius


Coach: Phil Hawkins, third year

Career record: 11-17-1

League: Mountain League

Last year’s record: 5-11-1, 5-9 in ML

Returning starters: Seniors-Kyler Miller, mid.-for.; John Roth, def.; Shane Montgomery, mid.-for. Juniors-Kody Heaton, keeper; Taylor Mitchell, mid.; Nathan Stratton, def.

Other returnees: Seniors-Matt Scialabba, mid.; Alex Tietjens, mid.-for.; Austin Bauman, for.-def.; Jake Lake, def.-mid. Juniors-Jack Katlic, def.; Elliot Biddle, def.-mid.; Martin Berger, def.-keeper; Walter Lotz, for.; Dylan Wentzel, def.; Brian McLaughlin, mid.-for. Sophomore-Max Prosser, def.

Newcomers: Juniors-Dustin Gearhart, def.; Austin Rhodes, keeper. Sophomore-John Kline, for. Freshman-Douglas Gearhart, mid.-for.

Strengths: “Experienced at the keeper position, very athletic overall, good size and speed, strong work ethic, excellent senior leadership, excellent team chemistry, very large freshman class bodes well for the future.”

Concerns: “Replacing 18-goal scorer forward Matt Wilson will require that several players step into goal scoring roles and be able to finish and capitalize on opportunities.”

Overall outlook: “We have set pretty high team goals for this team including a return trip and longer stay in the District 6 tournament. Once again we look to be playing our best in late October. The Mountain League should be wide open once again.”

Assistant coaches: Jim Roney, Jerry Kruse (volunteer), Jason Shuck (volunteer), Jason Morris (volunteer)

Northern Bedford

Coach: Marcus Yeatts, 15th year

Career record: 136-134

League: Sideling Hill

Last year’s record: 11-8, 7-5 in Sideling Hill

Returning starters: Seniors-Trey Childers, striker; Zach States, striker; Dylan Wright, def.; Logan Corle, keeper; Cody Eller, def.

Other returnees: Juniors-Ethan Eckenroad, striker; Chris Benner, mid.; J.C. Norris, mid.; Brent Baker, def. Sophomores-Bransin Reasy, mid.; Cameron Sherlock, mid.

Newcomers: Junior-Dakota Brunner, def. Freshmen-Konnor Frace, mid.; Michael Lazor, striker; Jacob Keller, def.

Strengths: “We have five senior starters who have a lot of experience winning and playing in the playoffs.”

Concerns: “Our team is small both in numbers and in height.”

Overall outlook: “We hope to play to a level that we expect and be a playoff team.”

Assistant coaches: Don Musselman, Brandon Horton


Coach: Shawn Inlow, eighth year

Career record: 69-50-9

League: Mountain League

Last year’s record: 10-9-1

Returning letterwinners: Seniors-Zach Ament, Andy Gray, Wyatt Inlow, Skyler Krise, Mitch Winters. Juniors-Kyle Albert, Austin Krise.

Newcomers: Juniors-Anthony Cassler, Nathan Kristofits. Sophomore-Christian Snyder. Freshmen-M. Eric Tew, Parkar Kopchik, Curtis Rowles.

Strengths: “We return the vast majority of our 2013 district championship team and expect to improve on last year’s record.”

Concerns: “Trying to solidify our reptuation as a sound, competent, defensive-minded team.”

Overall outlook: “We have the same goals in mind every season. Win the Mountain League, District 6 title and go as far in the PIAA Tournament as luck allows. We have a very strong class of freshmen that should be ready to start by their sophomore years, ensuring our strength and continuity for years to come.”


Coach: Nick Miller, third year

Career record: 25-11-4

League: Mountain League

Last year’s record: 14-5-1, 12-2-1 in Mountain League

Returning starters: Senior-Josh Wilson, striker. Juniors-Nic Mallory, mid.; Noah D’Angelo, mid.; Anthony Politza, keeper.

Other returnees: Senior-Chris Bonsell, mid. Junior-Eric Hartsock, def. Sophomores-Hunter Jackson, mid.; Austin Quinn, def.

Newcomers: Senior-Jake Shade, mid. Sophomore-Aaron Andrews, striker. Freshmen-Joe Berry, keeper; Jesse Daughenbaugh, mid.; Tyler Eaken, def.; Blake Johnston, mid.; Andrew Sherren, def.; Ryan Vance, mid.; Levi Walk, def.; Dane Williams, def.

Strengths: “Work as a team, good ball control, great attitude, focused.”

Concerns: “Young team.”

Overall outlook: “A building year but expect to win some games.”

Assistant coaches: Chad Hunter