Baseball club returning

From Mirror reports

The Old Timers’ Baseball Club is reorganizing in hopes of raising revenue and increasing membership.

A board, headed by John Settimio, wants to continue and grow the club and has contacted area businesses to raise revenue to help defray costs for the annual reunion picnic.

“We extend our deep gratitude and sincere thanks to the DelGrosso Family for their many years of leadership, untiring support and generous contributions to the annual reunion picnic,” Settimio said.

“The club also deeply thanks Jack and Dolores Sloey and their family for their dedication and hard work to keep the club active over the years,” Settimio continued.

Jack Sloey was instrumental in helping the DelGrossos plan the picnic in recent years. Sloey passed away within the last year.

Prior to last year’s picnic, the DelGrossos and Old Timers discussed the path for continuing and revitalizing the picnic. It was decided to continue and hopefully expand on the picnic. The DelGrossos have stepped down as leaders of the picnic but will contribute as a major sponsor.

“To continue and grow our club it will be necessary to raise revenue, increase membership and create an active board,” Settimio said.

In addition to Settimio, the board includes Bernie Campbell, Robert Donaldson, Robert S. Donaldson, Esq., Jim Lane, Jay Perry and Bill Schirf.

To raise revenue, the club hopes to find major sponsors or donors. An annual membership fee will benefit the club and help stabilize picnic costs. It’s also important that current members recruit new members, who have never attended the event.

The 2014 Old Timers picnic will be held Thursday, July 31, at DelGrosso’s Park in Tipton. The event begins at 3.30 p.m. with dinner at 5.30. Members will be charged $10 and their guests $7.

Old Timers include anyone who played baseball in the Greater City League, Blair Twilight League or George B. Kelley Junior Federation.

More information is available by contacting John Settimio at 944-0713.