Martin Oil ready to defend title against growing league

Returning 10 players from last year’s championship squad, Martin Oil and coach Ron Mock are poised for a run at a third straight George B. Kelley Federation league title.

The Bellwood-based team defeated Dick’s Pharmacy three games to one in last July’s best-of-five championship series and went on to win two NABF World Series games at the national tournament.

ReMax Realty returns nine players, including 2013 Rookie of the Year and Outstanding Rookie Pitcher in Matt Dalto, while Dick’s Pharmacy also returns a solid core of eight players, respectively, and newcomers Sheetz and Spring Cove enter their first years in the league.

Here is a preview of the league’s teams:

Corporal Miller/Reliance Bank

Last year’s record: 6-12

Manager: Ed Cheslock, Jr.

Assistant coaches: Jim McCaulley, Jordan Cheslock, Butch Carper, Mark Ferry, Dan Wilson

Returning players: Matt Morris, 18, inf.; Josh Huber, 18, inf.; Corbin Stroh, 18, of; Lucas Imler, 18, of; Trentin Martin, 17, inf.; James McCaulley, 17, inf.

Newcomers: Dominic Johnson, 18, of; Josiah Huber, 18, inf.; Tim Troutman, 16, of; Tom Bettwy, 16, inf.; Jacob Imler, 16, of; Jonathon Carper, 16, of; Mark Ferry, 16, of; Darin Hall, 16, inf.; Allan Axinn, 16, of; Jonathon Stroh, 15, inf.

Overall outlook: “A lot of youth will make for some interesting games. Hopefully we can stay healthy and be competitive.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil

D.C. Moyer Builders

Manager: Steve Porter

Assistant coaches: Lee Burns, Scott Porter, Stuart Porter

Returning players: Kyle Coury, 18, p-of; Jonathon Eichelberger, 17, inf.; Dominic Knisely, 17, c-inf.; Joseph Luciano, 18, of; Austin Roudabush, 17, inf.; Mark Page, 17, c-of

Newcomers: Mason Betar, 16, p-inf.; Tyler Davis, 16, inf.; John Daversa, 16, of; Ryan Kipp, 16, p-inf.; Donald McConnell, 16, c-inf.; Zach Patterson, 16, inf.-of; Brandon Smith, 16, inf.

Overall outlook: “We’re young without a lot of pitching. Hopefully we can put it together by the time the playoffs roll around.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil, ReMax Realty, Dick’s Pharmacy, Spring Cove

Dick’s Pharmacy

Last year’s regular season record: 17-7

Manager: John Lytle

Assistant coaches: Ben Shaffer, John Shaffer, Mike Alexander, Gene Stosch, Allen Wilson

Returning players: Ryan Knott, Terrance Futrell, Brandon Lytle, Nick Eckenrode, Justin DeGennaro, Nick Lytle, Zach Martynuska, David Stosch

Newcomers: Isaac Bowman, John McGinley, Andrew Gressler, Trey Feathers, Devyn Carper, Josh Lidwell, Tobias Mencer, Damon Morris, Nick Hayden

Overall outlook: “It will be a competitive season for the league.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil, ReMax Realty, Park Furniture

Martin Oil

Manager: Ron Mock

Assistant coaches: Norm Stapleton, Bob Miller, Tim Kovac

Returning players: Casey Gray, 18, inf-p; Jake Stapleton, 18, of-p; Tanner Snyder, 17, if-p; Zach Mock, 17, of-p; Randy Zitterbart, 17, inf-p; Trenton Creppage, 16, c; Tristan Lingafelt, 17, inf-p; Nathaniel Soellner, 17, inf-p; Sawyer Kline, 16, of; Cory Parson, 16, inf-p

Newcomers: Jordan Miller, 18, of-p; Jarrett Taneyhill, 15, of

Overall outlook: “With the majority of last years team returning and some younger players with experience, we hope to have another successful season.”

Team to beat: Dick’s Pharmacy, ReMax Realty

Mountain View Archery

Last year’s regular season record: 1-17

Manager: Jen Parshall

Returning players: Matt Judd, 18, 2b; Jared Boober, 17, cf; Ashton Gill, 18, 1b; Tanner Nichols, 18, 1b; Chris McHugh, 18, lf; Nick Centar, 17, of; Conner Foor, 18, of; Nate Diminick, 18, ss-p; Addison Hayes, 17, of; Nick Miller, 18, inf.-p

Newcomers: Josh McGinnis, 16, 3b; Tevin Pulcine, 17, of-p; Derek Miller, ss; Ben Shay, 16, c; Kurt Schobel, 15, inf.

Overall outlook: “To have fun.”

Team to beat: All of them

Park Furniture

Manager: Scott McClellan

Assistant coaches: Vince Cumming, Matt Cursio, Ken Brazile, Chris Maier

Returning players: Adam Boslet, 18, 1b; Andy Matcik, 18, inf-p; Mason McGinnis, 18, inf-c-p; Colin Price, 18, inf-c; Tommy Walter, 18, inf; Dylan Adams, 17, of-p; Josh DeGol, 17, inf-p; Tyler Luciano, 17, of; Zach Skelly, 17, inf; A.J. Fink, 18, of

Newcomers: Catcher Cumming, 16, c-p; Derek Cursio, 16, 1b-of-p; Devin Metzgar, 16, of; Hunter Stoy, 16, c-of; Caleb Thompson, 16, of; Dom Lombardo, 18, of-p; Nick Deluca, 17, inf-p; Joel Reighard, 17, inf-p; Luke Thayer, 18, inf; Corey Simpson, 18, 1b; Ben Foose, 17, p-inf

Overall outlook: “If everybody shows up, we should be there at the end.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil, ReMax Realty, Dick’s Pharmacy

ReMax Realty

Manager: Brian Mercer

Assistant coaches: Sean Albright, Jim Marquette, Tyler Martynuska, Bill Wolf, Dale Rogers

Returning players: Luke Adams, 17, of-p; Matt Dalto, 16, of-inf.-c-p; Travis Funcheon, 18, inf.-p-of; Alex Martynuska, 17, c-p-inf.; Jim Marquette, 17, inf.-p; Kristian Mirenda, 18, of-p; Connor Schmitt, 18, inf.; Nick Thomas, 17, inf.-of-p; Yancy Vaught, 17, of

Newcomers: Alec Bolger, 17, inf.-p; Bryce Colabove, inf.; Matt Gormley, 16, inf.-p; Dan Kirwin, 17, inf.-p; Brett Koelle, 17, inf.-p; Tyler Lepore, inf.; Caleb McCaulley, of; Marcus Novosel, inf.-p; Austin Pope, 17, inf.-p

Overall outlook: “If our pitching holds up and if we play defense, we should be competitive.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil


Last year’s regular season record: Not in league

Manager: Dylan Wilt

Assistant coaches: Bill Newberry, Steve Weston

Partial roster: Steven Weston, Michael Weston, Scott Weston, Quinton Newberry, Wade Clapper, Nick Foor, Skyler Steele, Nathan LeMark, Jacob Wike, Trenton Wike, Andrew Williams, Rebecca Knox, Ethan Light, Mike Wilt, Chelsey Green

Overall outlook: “We’re a young group just starting out and none of these kids have played [in the league] so it’s just about having fun.”

Team to beat: Corporal Miller/Reliance Bank

Spring Cove

Last year’s regular season record: Not in league

Manager: Chris Sanders

Assistant coaches: Craig Eckenrode, Brian Gahagan, C.J. Gahagan, Jimmy Slowik

Returning players: Tannar Belles, 17, of-inf.; Connor Gahagan, 17, c-p-of

Newcomers: Brenden Vollkommer, 16, ss-p; Eric Ayers, 16, of; Andrew Claar, 16, inf.-p; Austin Conrath, 18, p-c; Mitchell Conrath, 16, inf.-p; Chris Cox, 16, inf.-p; Cullen Gahagan, 16, of; Bubba Johnson, 16, inf.-p-c-of; Colton Kensinger, 17, of-p; J.M. Knepp, 16, 1b-p; Damon Langer, 16, inf.-p; Sean McIntosh, 16, inf.; Jacob Mellott, 16, inf.-p; Landon Mock, 16, c-of-p; Nick Hoenstine, 16, inf.-p; Brandon Ritchey, 17, c; Tyler Shaw, 16, inf.-p; Chase Smith 15, of

Overall outlook: “New team this year, and we are very hungry. This will be our first time in the league in five years. A lot of talent on all spots on the field. Very close group of kids with great attitude and great work ethic. A lot of team speed and baseball knowledge.”

Team to beat: Dick’s Pharmacy, Park Furniture, Martin Oil