Early signs on Franklin are positive

I read Cory Giger’s column about coach James Franklin and agree he will take this Penn State program in a new direction.

Even though he hasn’t coached a game, I think we can catch a glimpse of what can do with the Nittany Lions by what he accomplished at Vanderbilt University with its many limitations.

I also believe he will be around this program for many years, even to see his two daughters graduate from Penn State if they choose to attend.

Things are even looking up in a few other PSU sports, too. I bet (the) Ohio State University faithful are just stewing because Penn State has three NCAA national championships along with some Big Ten titles where the Buckeyes don’t even have a Big Ten title in any sport so far in 2013-2014.

To me, this is absolutely outstanding.

Les Hart


Recruiting success a great sign

I can’t believe how impressive Penn State’s recruiting results have been in the early stages of James Franklin’s tenure.

If Franklin can sustain this kind of success in luring big-time talent to?PSU, the future really looks bright.

And when I read that Franklin teared up recently while discussing his visions for the program, I started to believe this really is his dream job.

We older fans continue to look for the Nittany Lionss to be relevant nationally while holding on to the traditions that make dear old State special.

Are we premature in believing that we found someone who can accomplish both and will make a career of it at PSU?

Don Carlino

Kennett Square