Mehno: Spring training injuries often sound strange

PITTSBURGH – Spring training has barely started, and Travis Snider has already threatened a Pittsburgh Pirates’ team record.

Snider missed the first day of workouts after cutting his finger while slicing sweet potatoes.

Most unlikely injury ever in spring training?

Sorry, no. The Pirates’ record still belongs to Jose Silva, a 1990s-era pitcher of huge potential and little accomplishment.

Silva missed several days of work one spring because of a neck injury. He was injured while reaching to turn off his alarm clock.

That’s not even the major league record, though.

The record belongs to Bud Anderson, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in the early 1980s.

He cut his hand on a fence while waving to a fan.

New faces

There will be one less Pittsburgh accent on CBS when the NFL returns in September.

The network announced Tuesday that it was dropping Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe from its studio show.

Bill Cowher has apparently survived the CBS changes, and he deserves to stay. Cowher has strong opinions and has mastered the art of speaking quickly to make points on a crowded set.

Finding a spot

Based on one spring training camp report, Andrew Lambo is just learning the absolute basics of first base in Bradenton.

That would seem to make it more likely the Pirates will seek an outside option for the position, either to play full-time or to serve as a lefthanded-hitting platoon partner for holdover Gaby Sanchez.

The Pirates place a high value on defense, so they’re unlikely to trust one of the infield positions to a player who is just learning the fundamentals.

As spring training progresses and rosters start to sort themselves out, there will be players available. The Pirates have the swag to swing some deals. Their surplus of hard-throwing pitchers will be useful if they need to land a player in a trade.

Bet that they’ll acquire a first baseman before the March 31 season opener.

That doesn’t necessarily close the door on Lambo. He could be part of the mix in right field. If he can show anything close to the power production he’s had in the minor leagues, Lambo would be a big help.

One of the people he’ll compete with for playing time in right field is Snider.

Lambo would be smart to stay out of the kitchen this spring.

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