Male bowler of the week

Series: 773

League: Sunday Afternoon Men’s at Bavarian Hall

Residence: Altoona

BOW history: 21

Previous series high: 815

Previous single-game high: 300

Reaction to being BOW: I felt pretty good but I did not think it would be good enough to win.

The key to my bowling success is: Consistency

I have been bowling for how many years: 38

If you could go bowling with one famous person, who would it be?: Mark Ross

Where was the first place you ever went bowling?: Pleasant Valley Recreation Center

I bowled my first 300: 1982

I was introduced to bowling by: Dan Longo

My regular bowling partners include: Josh Ickes, Kelly Shaw, Mike Hughes

How many days of the week do you bowl?: Two

I love bowling because: I just like a night out with the boys.

What’s the best advice you could give a youth bowler?: Practice, practice, practice.