DeGols, Campbell triumph

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Dennis DeGol, David DeGol Jr., Bruno DeGol and Zack Campbell took first place in the GAEDC Outing with a 124 at the Scotch Valley Country Club in local golf action.

Brian Hall, Jen Hall, Sarah Daley and Joel Myers won the couples golf first flight with a 32. Dave Stiffler, Jane Stiffler, Jim Barner and Louise Barner tied with Mike Irwin, Gail Irwin, Brian Irwin and Melissa Irwin for the second flight at 35. Don Detwiler, Lyneaa Detwiler, Tom Brouse and Rita Brouse won the third flight with a 36.

Proximity winners were Rita Brouse (closest to pin on 2), Maddie Fitch (shortest drive on 4), Brian Irwin (closest to pin on 8) and Daley (longest putt on 9).

Tim Clapper, Tom Haught, Brad Mikolajczyk and Matt Douthit took first place in the Oakmont Division of the Men’s League Second Session. Steve Foreman, Jim Foreman, Bob Bilger and Tim Cherry took second.

Daryl Williams, Rob Luciano, Ken Biddle and Rocky Patel won the Scotch Valley Flight. Dave DeGol Sr., Marty Finkelstine, Jim Barner and Ron Miller finished second.