Burgoons, Perinos get Summit victory

CRESSON – Doc and Hop Burgoon and Dale and Therese Perino carded a 59 to win the Cambria Alliance-EMS Ambulance Association Benefit Outing on Sept. 16 at the Summit Country Club in local golf action.

Cal Andrews, Andre Brett, Jim White and Doug Labarko (59) finished second. Skill prize winners were Ken Caurvina (closest tee shot on 4), Mary Singer-Morris (closest tee shot on 8), Larry Benton (closest tee shot on 12) and Brian Dillon (closest second shot on 17).

On Sept. 13, Bob Biter, Frank Frontino, Brett Smith and Tim Holtz carded a 57 to win the Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart-Cresson Benefit Golf Outing. Fr. John Gibbons, Quintin Dziabo and Justin McCauley (59) finished second, and Anthony Previte, Dave McCabe, Doug Link and Dylan Link (60) took third.

Skill prize winners were Adam Thomas (longest putt on 1, closest tee shot on 8), Chester Brighenti (longest drive on 3), Anita Jo Petrusky (closest tee shot on 4), Buddy Deyulis (straighest drive on 6), Charlie Horten (closest second shot on 11, longest putt on 15), Joe Jaronieski Sr. (closest tee shot on 12), Quintin Dziabo (longest putt on 13, longest drive on 16), Mary Kate Williams (longest putt on 15) and Dylan Link (closest second shot on 17).


PHILIPSBURG – Ed Yarger, Gene Yarger, A.J. Czap, Dave Brown and club pro Paul Fischer of the Philipsburg Country Club carded a 117 to win the team net of the Central Counties Golf Association Pro Am at PCC.

The fifth player on all the teams was the club pro. Fischer was the fifth player on the first six placing teams.

Andrew Reifer, Andy Reifer, Pete Reifer and Aaron Reifer (120) finished second, while Drew Tocimak, John Harpster, Terry Smith and Kevin Knepp (121) finished third.

There was a four-way tie for fourth at 123 among the teams of Larry Potter, Pud Myers, Mike Witters and Sam Irvin, Nick Wasilko, Rob Earnest, Girard Kasubick and Dave Belko, Ryan Scaife, Matt Foster, Dan Nelson and Clayton Hetrick and the Nittany group of Joe Beigle, Ron Horner, Marlan Bowersox, Frank Webster and Scott Frey.

There was a tie for eighth at 124 between the Mountain View team of Cy Hunter, Denny Young, Dan Conrali, Jim Au and Jack Brennan and the Huntingdon team of Bob Rightenour, David Fiock, Jim Shook, Rick Noonan and Andy Fouse.

The Sinking Valley team of Artie Fink, Terry DelBaggio, Leonard DelBaggio, Ben DelBaggio III and Troy Monahan carded a 128 to win the team gross.

There was a three-way tie for second at 129 among the Iron Masters team of Ron Hinish, Spencer Hinish, Rick Dillon, Ed Smith and Tom Koehle, the Belles Springs team of Tim Bartlett, Rick Everett, John Cattoni, Trent Miller and Judd Caruso and the Philipsburg team of Doug Goss, Nate Lucas, Bob Mitchell and Bo Sankey.

The Standing Stone team of Ed McEwen, Marty Kyper Jr. Jeff Clemmer, Scott Eichelberger and Jason Boyer (130) took fifth, while the Park Hills team of J.P. Stultz, John Baker, Gary Burkholder, Rafe Hite and Todd Homan (131) finished sixth.

There was a tie for seventh at 132 between the Sinking Valley team of Jim Roseberry, Ryan DelBaggio, Don Filby and Mike Maier and the Belles Springs team of Greg Kunes, Brian Mann, Jeff Russel and Craig Russel.