Mehno: Rodriguez creates circus for baseball

PITTSBURGH – Michael Wiener is still running for mayor of New York City. Lindsay Lohan is still appearing regularly on TV. Alex Rodriguez is still playing for the New York Yankees.

There’s no sense of shame any more.

There’s no sense of, “Man, I really messed up and maybe I should just go away for awhile.”

MLB’s investigators apparently had the goods on Rodriguez. They not only determined that he used performance enhancing drugs, they also concluded that he encouraged other players to use his supplying lab, and then did his best to cover up his involvement.

Given all that, you’d hope Rodriguez would have the character to just go away, let things cool down and come back with a major confession when the time is right.

Instead, he returned to the New York Yankees as he asked the Players Association to file an appeal on his behalf. The union will do that; that’s what unions do.

So he’s a distraction for his team, and he’s also drawing attention away from stories that actually relate to the playing of baseball games.

He’s making himself bigger than the game.

Come to think of it, that’s how this whole thing started.

Going the limit

The Pittsburgh Pirates recently took four of five games from the St. Louis Cardinals in PNC Park, but don’t be fooled.

The Cardinals are in the National League Central race to stay. This is a postseason-tested team that knows how to weather temporary storms like the one they encountered during the series in Pittsburgh.

The Cardinals aren’t going away, and there are still plenty of games between the Pirates and Cardinals – there are two more series in St. Louis (one next week) and one more in Pittsburgh.

It’s going to be an interesting run down the stretch.

Truth revealed

Sometimes it takes awhile for the truth to emerge.

In the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers, it didn’t take that long.

Stories from this year’s training camp have revealed there was friction between new offensive coordinator Todd Haley and his players last season. Haley’s presence is also the reason some assistant coaches were anxious to leave.

To Haley’s credit, he’s been willing to compromise in the interest of harmony. The biggest difference is changing some of his terminology so players can revert to the language that was used prior to Haley’s arrival last season.

Some coaches get hard-headed about things like that and turn small problems into major ones.

The Steelers may not have enough talent to be a productive offense this season. They don’t need to get bogged down on small issues like language.

New address

Pitt has four starters returning on offense, and two of them will be playing new positions.

That ACC debut against Florida State on Labor Day could get out of hand in a hurry.

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